Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grateful Thursday With Lots to be Grateful For

Soulbrush bestowed upon me many gifts in the past two weeks...these are the most recent ATCs that came from Merry Ole England and her Soulness: It's always good to feel accepted! And she knows my love of fibers and threads...she included these lovely soft yarn bits for my creative muse to play with... and this funny ATC which reminds her of Woody Allen...
I asked for this one...just love these drooping daisies...
And her personal art card is so arty!
Now this she really did JUST FOR ME... it's called "P" for Parrot
and it's a Jewish Parrot
(those are Hebrew letters in case you weren't sure) Thank you Soul for your generosity and thoughtfulness.
I ask to trade one ATC and I get this bounty!
This next gem came from Linda of in our
ABC ATC swap for the letter "M"
This incredible ATC is called Magical Monarch
and the details are many and wondrous
She has TEXTURE, Layers, sequins that sparkle, paint and stamping,
collage, a lace skirt and spunk.
I just adore her!
Thank you Linda.
And last but not least this photo came in today's Email attached to an EVITE to
my grand children's fifth birthday!
I cannot believe we have had the joy of them in our lives for five whole years now.
I will remind you that they had to come early
for mom's health, and were 2.5 and 3 lbs at birth.
I could hold them in one hand.
They have been normal weight and superior in every way for a very long time!
The invite said 5 + 5 = cake
The party is at the park
I can hardly wait...That's a few weeks away
And guess what else...
tomorrow we get to have them all to ourselves
for the ENTIRE DAY!
Grandma and Grandpa are coming!!!!


  1. Oh wow, do have a lot to be thankful for! Those grands are so cute and fun looking! Have a great day with them!!!

  2. Gee - sounds like you're looking forward to being with them..

    have a wonderful day! and tell them Happy Birthday from your blogger friends

  3. yahoooooo, grannie lynnie is on her way with her big bag filled with goodies, yay! can't wait to see the photos. my god they were tiny, must have been such a worry, and look at them now...(tee hee i thought you'd like the Jewish parrot!)

  4. yes, many blessings. great grandkids. parrot very cute.

  5. Your life is overflowing with beauty and friendship and love. Can't wait to hear what you do with the grandkids...and also about the party.

  6. Love that picture on the invite. So adorable. I know you have that bag packed already for tomorrow. :)) Wonder what you will be making for their FIFTH birthday. I cant believe they are that old either.
    Wow on everything Soul did you. and The clever ATC from Linda is fabulous too!!

  7. What a bounty of goodies. The last two being the most precious.

  8. Thanks all...
    Lisa you are so right!!!!
    Excited about seeing them as it's been a really long time this time.

  9. Wonderful gifts! Love the jewish parrot :)
    And your grandkids look so lively and nice!
    Yes HTT!!!!!!

  10. I am so behind in keeping up, but have so enjoyed your family photos and stories, just had to tell you so!


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