Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big Draw Give Away Winners Chosen Today on Animal Wednesday

Wake up's the day you have to pick the names for my Give Away drawing... No, not in the closet silly...the names are in the basket...hop in and draw ten names please!
Ready? Drum Roll.................Set...Go..... Thanks Henry...and the winners are...
1. Sylvain (Syl e-mail me your home address so the fish can swim there!)
3. Seth
4. Kate (KJ)
8. Patty
9. Suki
10. Laurel (Lolo)
The first ten winners will take home a piece of my fabric art...the first won the fish, and the three mono print pieces went to the next three winners; the next six won small fabric pieces of early Lynn Art.
Everyone else who entered will receive a photo card and envelope. (blank inside) from my collection of fine photos. Everyone goes home a winner!
DH actually helped Henry draw the folded up papers with the names on them from a large basket as he was stirring eggs over the stove this morning. I wrote consecutive numbers 1 through 10 on each one as he drew it. And I only knew after the ten were drawn who won what! Twenty-five people entered the drawing.
Thank you all for participating and for supporting me and my blog and my art making these past two years. I couldn't have done it without you...and I mean that sincerely!


  1. congrats everyone,you are going to love what you get from lynn. and i am a winner too, as i have 'ferdy' fishie for maggie.xxxx

  2. thanks Lynn!! I like it when henry helps;)

    I bought a card for you today that is so YOU! I hope it comes before your next ATC is due from me. If not you'll get it as soon as I do!

  3. oh hurrah. I cant wait to receive a little piece of your creativity. thank you. thanks Henry. thanks DH

  4. Oh Yeaaaa.. I won something. wow. Thanks Henry/Fred. :)) Early Art, late Art... its all Lynn's fabulous art!!! Thanks. Congrats to everyone else too.

  5. Lynn, first of all, Henry is GORGEOUS!!! And I'm not just saying that because he pulled my name (LOL!)! Thanks so much and what a Wonderful Wednesday surprise!
    Looking forward to my prize and to keeping up with you for years to come!

  6. Wow. I feel so lucky to have won a monoprint. Guess I owe Henry a treat!!!

  7. Hilarious shots of Henry. I love the last tail swish one. I'm wondering how he chose the names! I haven't been on blogs for a while, so missed the lead up to this. Yes, I've been having a good time. E.

  8. Congratulations all you lucky people. But I think Henry was bribed.

    So generous of you Lynn. And fun too.

  9. Henry is wonderful...Thank you for coming by...Arney got the good news this afternoon, he will be going back to Lowe's full time...I cried. if you have anythought about how to do Tilly, I would love it. Hugs, mary
    congrats to all the winners!

  10. THANKS Henry V for picking my name too!!!!
    Lovely picture story!
    So sweet of you to make everyone a winner, you see you have such a big heart you cann't leave anyone out!


  11. Yay, Henry looks like he was pretty ok with you interrupting his sun soak!


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