Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Cousin is a Published Author/Poet and Bloomin' Tuesday

My dear sweet cousin, who is my daughter's age, has written a book of poetry and it is soon to be published. We are all so proud of Lisa and her accomplishments. Her list is quite long for a young woman her age...Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet's book Tulips, Water, Ash was selected for the 2009 Morse Prize and will be published in October by University Press of New England. You can read some of her poems here, or e-mail her here. Lisa sent an email today saying that "Tulips, Water, Ash will be available in stores and online in early September. If you'd like a copy, you can pre-order today at your favorite independent bookstore, or online at the usual suspects: - IndieBound (order from your local store, online!) - Amazon - Powell's - B&N She said: "I'll also be doing some readings soon - at Madrone Lounge with the amazing 13 Ways poetry group on September 20, at San Francisco's Litquake festival on October 10, and at the fabulous Tulips, Water, Ash release party at Bird & Beckett Books on October 25. Details to follow. Lisa"

I thought her bookcover very appropriate for our Blooming Tuesday...

These flowers and figs are from my garden taken this week.
My bouquet to you Lisa!
Way to go!!! **************
Remember Tomorrow is the Big Draw for my GIVE AWAY
Henry V will be picking the winners
I found a few pieces of Early Lynn ART so there will be a few more winners
than previously least six more for a total of ten winners in all.
Your chances of winning just went way up!
Good luck to eveyone. See you tomorrow


  1. Congrats to your cousin. I will look at some of her poems. I love seeing the blooms in your garden.

  2. hey what kudos, what a thrill for the family, congrats and way to go lisa, hbt to you too lynnie.

  3. Looks like Talent runs deep in this family of yours. I will go check out her poems. I love the cover. and all your flowers. Happy blooming Tuesday.

  4. How exciting to be published! Congrats to her.

    Love your garden blooms!


  5. you sure have a lot of talent in your family lynn. this is great. I know that press, a good one. much success to her.

  6. Thanks all...
    Suki, As a poet yourself I thought you might enjoy reading her work. It is very intelligent...sometimes the meanings escape me. Not sure how to describe it. Would love to hear your opininon or critique.

  7. lynn i read the three or four poems available to read and liked them very much. They are not linear in their images and story. They cause one to have to think and to put on ones metaphorical ears. They need to be read a # of times and also great would be to hear her read them aloud as of course is in the nature of poetry. I'd have to go back to get the titles of my favs, but the one about words and language and the one called alluvial. I will jot down the bk title and buy it. thanks.

  8. Suki thanks for the "review" of Lisa's work. I knew you would "get it". I am a novice when it comes to poetry. Lisa is a very very bright young woman.
    I am sure you will enjoy her book. I'm pleased that my showing it here got her a sale as well. ;-)
    Her husband is one of the 2 authors of Good Bye Bush that was published earlier this year as well. A take off on the children's book Good Night Moon. Not sure if I ever blogged about that.

  9. Congratulaions to Lisa! Great blooms too, Lynn. Loved the colors and the figs look yummy! Do you eat figs? I've known many people to have a fig tree and sadly they don't eat the fruit. sigh.

  10. Stampmaiden, oh do i ever eat the figs. I pick them off the tree and eat them like candy. They are SO GOOD!!!!

    I do have a grapefruit tree however and I cannot eat those fruit as they do not mix with a medication I those get given away. A lot of figs get to the neighbors too. And the birds get their fill as well.


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