Monday, August 17, 2009

Cactus Monday; Making Way, Making Room Organization

Happy Cactus Monday...means going back to work after a productive weekend. One day of fun on the town (see yesterday's post) and two days of cleaning house. I have a fantasy of getting the inside of our house painted (some day)...but the 20 year collection of stuff overwhelms me when I think of having to move it for painters to get around things to paint. So I have started a paring down process...first it was the kitchen cupboards to make room for art supplies that stood out in the family room turned art studio. I actually accomplished a lot there...taking many many bags of shelved belongings to the thrift store to donate...making room. All fabric got stored in (5) see- through plastic bins in the garage...quilts got hung on walls (for now); yesterday saw two more bookshelves of books bagged for donation. And grandchildren toys (doll house/dress up clothes trunk) got taken to the garage to be brought in when they visit. It's not often enough to warrant keeping it up all the time. Flap down on one side of the design table that held a mess of embellishments now in cupboards in nearby kitchen. Card table for paper work pushed to the wall. Wow, we really do have a family room after all...again. Places to sit and everything!
Sewing table left up, but I can see now it would be easy to put machines aside should we have company and actually want to sit and eat at that table again. ;-)
Where there is a will there's a way!
Cactus drawing is done with colored pencils on watercolor paper.


  1. Oh what a good reminder for me to get organized.......
    Clutter is terrible.
    Something leaked in my toilet bag so I threw the whole content on the sink, what a mess........ The thought came in my mind, that there was my life....not really a mess but it needs tydiing up for sure.

    HCM!!! from Houston I am a little closer than regularly

  2. Isn't it a great feeling to get organized?!! I get in those moods too. DH is a saver so it is diffult to declutter with him I wait till he leaves. lol.

    Good to see a sketch again.


  3. Good for you, paring down and getting organized! I like your cactus drawing. Happy Cactus Monday!

  4. Whew! I'm tired from all that organizing and cleaning. Good thing you had that nice outing the day before! That modern building is so cool! Hope you get your house to where you can get it painted, but then you'll have to choose colors. I think that's the fun part, though.

  5. WOW. You got lots and lots done. you clean like you sew .. in a whirl wind of activity. :))
    Congrats for doing it.
    all that an a cool drawing too. wow.

  6. oh boy, declutter mode for you, look out DH. hcm fellow cactuteer and do help yourself to two new awards on my blog.

  7. I read a wonderful book on getting organized, they had a TShirt that said, "Dare to Dump It." should be my motto but is not. HCM, Judy

  8. Aloha Lynn,
    I love your views of San's a groovy city..
    Im glad space is coming into your the cactus!!
    peace, Kai xx

  9. It feels so good to get organized. It is amazing how quickly it gets messed up too, however it will be easier to clean up now. Good for you.

    Happy Cactus Monday.


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