Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wonderful Day In San Francisco: Jewish Museum Wow

Yesterday we drove to San Francisco to meet our friends Doreen and Simone to enjoy a visit to the Jewish Museum together... We all decided food was of utmost importance upon our arrival so we stopped at the small, brightly lit restaurant in the museum and enjoyed their very Jewish menu of food choices.
Doreen had the herring salad... we had chopped veggie salad and latkes, and Simone had mushroom stroganoff. It was all good. But best of all was eating with good friends.
Outside again...I thought this building looked like it came right out of a Bat Man movie... or maybe Darth Vader?
This is the museum from one of it's sides...can you believe this architecture?
Inside again...Doreen photographs Simone sitting on a slanted bench...
We were not allowed to take photos of any of the art in the galleries unfortunately. The Chagall exhibit was awesome. I became quite enraptured by his whimsical, mystical art...and could sit and look at it for a long time. We also saw many clips from plays he was involved in...
The Jewish theater in Russia and later in the US has an incredible history that was very interesting to learn about.
And the Susan Hiller exhibit of streets in Germany with the words Jew and or Jewish in them was quite moving to see. Not sure what exactly Doreen and DH were facing off about out here in front of the museum.
I sincerely hope they resolved whatever it was... ;-)
I loved this shot of these two women one so intently busy on her cell phone, the other waiting patiently...DH reading a book he picked up in the museum store while we waited for the elevator to the parking lot.
And then it was time for dinner so we drove to Tiburon and ate at a very good Mexican restaurant on the water over looking SF from the other side of the bay.
It was a good visit and we promised to get together again before too long.


  1. Oh Lynn, I enjoyed reading and looking at each and every one of your photos. It IS great to be with friends and your pics reflect that you had a wonderful time. The architecture on both buildings is stunning and yes, BATMAN!!! Gothic City big time!! LOL!!!

  2. It looks and sounds like a fabulous day!! I remember seeing Chagall in the art musuem in Chicago. I could wander in these places for hours!! Good to see your friends again.

  3. what a great day! I've haven't seen much Chagall - I should look at it closer. Glad you had a good day with friends

  4. You got some great photos. Looks like everyone had fun. Loved the face off.. lol
    Interesting upside down building as well as the Bat man building..:)) . Never saw those before.

  5. looks like you had lots of fun!!! and like the look of the food too... making me hungry just thinking about it...

  6. What a fun day. Those buildings are so unusual. The medallion on the one building sort of reminds me of the hearts that Margaret is making now. Not really a heart but it made me look twice. Friends are the best.

  7. amazing architecture. I love Chagall and envy you the viewing. by the way, Britt arnild of Norway posted a visit to the Trondheim Jewish museum today too.

    you need to click on the link on her post to access her new Trondheim blog

  8. san fran, one of my dreams is to go there...what fab architecture, and what lovely people, love that one with dh and doreen facing each other, terrific. when do you see those little grands again lynnie? hcm and come over and get some new awards today.

  9. What a great day in SF!!!
    Too bad I wasn there at the time, we could have met.......
    Thanks for taking me along on this wonderful trip!


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