Friday, August 14, 2009

GIVE AWAY to Celebrate Lynn's 2nd Year Anniversary as a Blogger!

click each photo to see the art pieces enhanced clearly and in more detail...each of these four pieces will be given away. August 19th, 2009 is the second year anniversary of my blog. Blogging has been a huge addition to my life to say the least. Because my DH found his cousin Kelly through a genealogy search and Kelly invited us to her blog, I discovered blogging. And just before that I was taking stock, having just turned 65, and was wondering what was next for me in my life? I decided to take a beginning quilting class.
And this led to: four more quilting classes; Beginning blogging and meeting other quilters, discovering ART QUILTS, Taking a walk to our local art gallery…entering my 4 art quilts in a gallery show; Then making it into my first juried art show; taking several drawing, sketching, and painting classes; Being INSPIRED GREATLY by meeting other artists through their blogs,
I now have a two page list of accomplishments, as a result of that looking at my life and Kelly telling us what a blog was.
1. At the top of the list is making many new friends from all over this country and the world,
2. who share their art with me, and their lives through their blogs, some of whom I have been fortunate enough to meet in-person. It is these artists/friends/you, who have inspired me to create every day and continue to stretch and reach and grow as an artist. Something that was not in my wildest dreams 2 and half years ago. As a result I have:
3. I have entered 13 pieces of my art in art shows in two galleries;
4. I have sold two art quilts (one on commission)
5. I have had one quilt published in an art calendar, as the result of a contest won in New Zealand. (as the result of blogger Sukipoet telling me about this contest)
6. I have entered and been accepted into two juried art shows,
7. I have won five prizes in shows for my work,
8. I have made a total of 51 quilts and art quilts,
9. I have made numerous ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), collaged sketchbook pages, fabric post cards and stuffed animals.
10. And I have added a quilting blog, and joined three bloggers groups to my dashboard for a total of five blogs.
To show my gratitude I am hosting a Give Away:
I will give away three pieces of my fabric mono printing art shown here and the ARTY FISH shown here in a random drawing on August 19th. I wish I could make something for every person who comes to my blog. I will send at least one blank photo card to everyone who enters my give away contest. So leave a comment on this post saying you wish to be entered in the give away, and leave your snail mail address on my email ( so I can send you a card and perhaps a piece of art if your name is drawn.
And thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the past two years of my life very special. I look forward to many more years of blog friendships and inspiration shared.


  1. WOW.. I THINK IT HAS BEEN TWO YEARS FOR ME TOO. This is fun. Congrats for all that you have accomplished. WOW. Thats quite a list of things you have won and done and look at how far you have come in drawing and painting. Lots of KUDOS Kiddo. :))

  2. Lynn all i can say is you are amazing!! All this plus you hold a full time job. zounds. Please enter me. Of course it would be wonderful to have one of your magical creations. I think you have my snail nail address in the list of people doing the round robin book. PS it is also M. Heart's second yr anniversary.

  3. Happy 2nd blogaversary. You do such a great job with your blog. Your quilts are to die for...I wish you many more years of blogging fun. I love your art quilts and the pieces you have here to give away. Cheers.

  4. Oh yes!!!
    Thanks for the invitaion!
    But Congratulations! 2 Years!
    Blogging sure has enriched your life, because it has stimulated your growth! You have accomplished much!
    Glad I was part of that period and got to know you!
    Love your art and love you as a person!

  5. I think one of your many gifts is the way you've inspired me to keep going! Your creative spirit and energy know no bounds.
    I'd love to be entered. Anything you pick will be treasured ;)
    Congrats Lynn! Keep it going, okay?

  6. Congratulations Lynn on your 2nd anniversary of blogging. I'm so proud of you and your accomplishments. Keep going girl! You are a wonderful artist and inspiration to all of us:)

  7. I hear every word you say with regard the enrichment blogging brings to life, creativity and productivity. You have accomplished so much - and just think how you have grown both as a person and an artist. Wonderful!
    Count me in - oh my gosh!

  8. and here i am, one of your first bloggy friends. i remember when you started, (i had been blogging for only 3 months myself), and said you had just done some quilting courses, and then showed them to us and i was 'blown away' and we all know what happened next. lynnie,you are totally gifted, you have the soul of an angel and the optimistic outlook on life that has always brought me back and back for more, and of course you know i would love to have (another) of your pieces. tee's to another 10 years of this...

  9. Fantastic!
    What accomplishments,,,and all due to Blogger,and blogging friends. Of course it wouldn't have happened without talent!
    Good for you Lynn!
    Oh, and yes (!) please enter me!
    And I do believe you have my address,,,

  10. Enter me please - I'd be thrilled to have another of your wonderful pieces...

  11. Congratulations and happy birthday Lynn. It is so wonderful to be able to use this moment in time to review. And in looking baqck your accomplishments are very clear!! No doubt there will be many more in the years to come.

  12. Happy second blog anniversary, Lynn! Yes, I remember when I sent out postcards announcing my new blog to everyone in my address book, including that distant cousin and his wife out on the west coast that I had never met. And I remember when you first started commenting on my blog, your comments were so full of energy and enough content for a blog of your own. Then a few of my readers and I started to gang up on you, asking you to start a blog. And then within weeks your blog was more sparkly than any I'd ever seen, spilling over with creativity, love and life. Here's to friendships around the globe, and all the ways we support and teach each other!

  13. Wow Lynn, you made a dramatic difference in your life from one chance encounter! Makes me wonder what you did before blogging, quilting and art. Fantastic review!

    Big congratulations!!

    Please enter me in your giveaway. I would be honored to receive something from you!!

  14. Congratulations and thank you for your invitations and for the very nice blog post!So fun to read! And so fun to hear about all nice you have had during the two years! So I wish you good luck the coming year too !!

  15. lynnie, i just received this wonderful toy for Maggs, and bookmark for me...they are fantastic, and Maggs will love it, I know she will, so take me off this giveaway, I have mine already. hugs and lotsa xxxxxxx

  16. Hello Lynn! Thanks so much for stopping at Secret Notebooks and for your kind comments. And Happy Blogiversary to you as well! It seems a lot of blogs are turning two this month...I wonder what was in the air that August of 2007?

  17. Lynn, congratulations on your anniversary. It does seem that blogging has greatly enriched your life. I know it has mine, too. Your work is beautiful and I hope you have another wonderful year coming up.

  18. Hi Lynn,
    I love these new pieces you are doing. You are one of the most productive people I know, and you have a "real" job on top of it all. Yes I want to be in the drawing!
    Thanks for all your encouragement and inspiration!

  19. You are so on fire girl!!!
    Congrats and blessing both for your continued successes... I have already been showered with so many of your artistic goodies I will leave my space for someone else...Just had to pop in though on the party and send some heartfilled hugs your way!!! WooHoo on 2!!!!!

  20. hi Lynniskynni, congratulations for all the wonderful things you have ventured into since you started this blog 2 years ago, and I'm happy to have been part of the adventure:) I'm in for the arty fish, which is so whimsical and colorful:) love, Andrea

  21. Wow two years already eh? I think you and I started around the same time. In fact I may have been one of the ones who ganged up on you at Kelly's blog to get started. Then when I saw you could do it, I figured I could too. Only I don't have even a tenth of the energy you do, and less than one one-hundredth of the creativity. Your blog is amazing and so is your art. Congratulations!!

  22. Goodness me, that's fantastic. so many acheivments and all thanks to blogging, clever you!

  23. Wow, that is a huge list of accomplishments Lynn! Congratulations to you for following and finding a wonderful path to follow. I guess my interest in Art Quilts really came from exploring other blogs too. There are so many millions of ideas out there. When I started blogging in May of 2008 there were 167 art quilters listed on blogger. Now there are 3500. Thanks for the hosting such a nice giveaway!

  24. Congratulations, Lynn! My, you've been a busy bee and with fantastic outcomes, I might add. I admire people like you who, instead of doing what's comfortable the rest of their lives, venture out and seek something "new." I think your art rocks big time - your quilts, photos, ATCs, todo (that word "todo" means "everything in Spanish! LOL!). May you have many more years of creativity and happy blogging to you(sing that last part like the Happy Birthday song!)

  25. I would love to be entered in your give away. Congratulations on our blogaversary. You have accomplished so much in such a short span of time. Keep it up girl!

  26. Congrats Lynn.
    I really love to participate in your giveaway.
    For this reason, I have created a post just for you:)
    Hope you love it!

    By the way, I had wrote to you a few days back but having received any reply from you.
    I can't mail the gifts out without your address. Pls. advise!
    Happy Cactus Monday Lynn.
    Soory got to got, in a rush!


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