Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grateful Thursday Bears Many Gifts

My mail person has had a heavy load to our house the past few weeks.
This first precious card came from Marianne telling me how on the ABC ATC blog she wanted to send me a "Q" for Quilt ATC, but I wasn't in line to get a "Q" card from her, so she made me one anyway and sent it to me now. (We are only on M this week).
How thoughtful and precious is that? And this is the beautiful Quilt ATC she made just for ME! I was so tickled pink to see it too! Thank you Marianne from the bottom of my heart! My Quilts Around the World group brought me this soft fabric playing card postcard from Simone in the Netherlands. It says: "Spades for you from Holland" and it came through the mail "naked" (no envelope) and clean and pretty as a picture. Thank you Simone. And finally this gift unexpected, and so treasured from Efrat a blogger who lives in the USA now, but is native born in Israel. Efrat is a wonderful artist with her own blog which you should check out if you don't know it already. Since I have shared with her my years (5) lived in Israel she knows my connection there; so this summer when she visited her homeland and family there she took the time to think of me and brought me this gift. She made her card of course... And added a series of her little gift tags with her beautiful photography on them,
along with the gift of this beautiful Israeli tile.
I will treasure it for ever.
Thank you Efrat.
Toda, and Shalom~
So you can see why I am beaming on this Grateful Thursday! Stay tuned tomorrow: For Anniversary Tout and Gratitude Give Away


  1. As you should be glowing with thanks. Lovely all...

  2. Some really wonderful gifts you got here. Love them all.

  3. Oh my gosh, each one is SO gorgeous! I love that little quilt Marianne made. It is so her to do something like that and so you for being the Queen of quilts!

  4. what a delightful little quilt, ahe is one very special lady, and what a lovely tile, so israeli, so vibrant.

  5. Your friend has a beautiful blog!
    What special gifts, the tile is like a mandala!
    So cool the postcard survived the trip so clean!
    Have a nice day Queen of Quilts :)

  6. you do have so much to be grateful for. so many wonderful, thoughtful, giving friends. Namaste, Sukiplava


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