Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Henry V Hiding Out on Animal Wednesday

This weekend along with art making we were airing out an old tent to get ready to take to Good Will. Henry had a ball diving under it and peeking out from his new found fort. He's good for a few laughs even if he does wake me up at night with his bedtime antics of jumping up from bed to window sill and down again, and his propensity of wanting to sleep in the curve of my legs, and/or knead the bed right by my head! Not to mention his bringing a dead mouse into the house again last week! Cats will be cats I guess.
I am quickly running out of photo storage space on Blogger. I guess that means it's time to delete some earlier photographs from earlier posts. Has anyone else run into this problem and is that how you solved it? Will they really stop allowing me to upload photos?
I am soon coming to an anniversary on my blog. Stay tuned for a special celebration announcement!


  1. Henry is adorable. HAW.

    I tried deleting photos and posts but Blogger wouldn't let me continue on. I had to pay a small fee for more storage. I guess if you learn to resize your photographs you don't have to worry about it. I am not all that techie so I just paid. I guess they hope for people like me. :/

  2. I LOVE the photo of Henry peeking out!

    I have not had that problem and I am wondering why since I have been on blogger since 2005. Be sure to let us know if you resolve this issue and how.

    Oh boy, an anniversary coming.

    I have to say, and please don't be angry with me, but I am glad you took out all those slides before we actually to you post. One works great.

  3. Teri, I wish people had informed me before I would have done that much sooner. You are the second person to mention it after the fact. I moved them to the side bar and apparently that does not slow things down??? Hope not. Or I can delete them too.

    I get a message when I am about to post with photos that I have X% room left for photos. I'm at something like 80-90% full of capacity. I will delete from earlier posts.

  4. Your camera takes very nice outdoor pictures. I have not heard of blogger "running out of space". I don't think you load many more photos than I do and they haven't told me that. ??
    Your Henry is so cute. My two cats do the same nightime things. I guess they are nocturnal and think humans should be, too.

  5. Ahhh That Henry!
    Cats can make my heart beat faster....
    Wonderful picture!

    About the space.
    I suspected something like that would happen to me too as I saw I had already used quite a bit of space......
    The pictures I have been uploading in the big size That takes very much space. I clicked on one of your pics and they enlarge very large (great to see all those details but if you upload them normal size they will be ok too.
    Since I changed this the amount of MB's have stabilzed. It doesn't go up so fast.
    Hope this will help.
    Please don't delete your posts.....
    Feels wrong, your post are precious, maybe start a new blog or buy some space.......

  6. The close-up of Henry is Fantastic! What a silly boy he is.

    Kitty kisses from my boys, Simba and Rascal. ;-)

  7. Hey Lynn- I always resize my photos for a few reasons. first- doesn't take up space. second - it's harder for someone to steal low-res photo's - I mean they can steal them, but won't get good his res images. The slide shows might also be taking up space. I am at 35% on maximum, so it's strange that you are at 90%.

    I sent you an email but for some reason they keep saying that the email is wrong or that the address is not accepting email. Can you send me your email address again, if you haven't gotten an email from me this morning????

  8. How did I miss Henry's cute pix? Cats will make a plaything out of anything and it keeps me smiling (most of the time, hahmeow)


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