Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Fish Story on Blooming Tuesday

Happy Blooming Tuesday On Saturday I was playing around with a bunch of scraps from my Gold Mountain quilt. I had them laid out on a long narrow piece of felt with no particular plan in mind. I just started adding fabric and ribbons and sewing them down patchwork style using a regular sewing foot. The more I sewed I started seeing a long narrow fish in my mind and cut the fabric out in that form. I added ribbons that flowed over it's tail almost like water she could be swimming through. And if you squint your eyes just can see her swimming here on the patio table that looks a bit like water in a you see it?
On Sunday I envisioned her hanging up like this suspended in air like a wind sock. But she was colorful on one side and plain gray on the other...
And when I realized she could be seen from both sides I got to work hand sewing the second side with more ribbons giving her a different look almost as if she is now two fish in one.
But I still had more scraps so a baby was born...
And now there are three little fishes swimming in the brook!


  1. you grabbed my attention with the word "fish" - these are great - so colorful!

  2. I love your fish! How playful and colorful

  3. i see something 'fishy' has been going on in yours and mim's lives...this is spectacular. the vibrancy is marvellous. tee hee, you are definitely going into your 'second childhood' will meet you there.

  4. A great catch of the day. Isn't is exciting when something turns up when you least expect it. The hibiscus is pretty too. Happy Bloomng Tuesday.

  5. i love the way this all evolved as you played with the materials.

  6. I need to learn how to sew. I love fiber arts!! I knew Mim would be here right away ;)

  7. Oh my gosh, you HAVE been creating like a mad woman!! Those fish are awesome!!!!!!!!!
    Love that beautiful hibiscus too.

  8. Told you your Fish would attract Mim. :) I love it. and the baby too. Great idea and fun too.

  9. Looks like I caught a lot of fish with this story!! LOL Good morning!
    And thanks!

  10. Oh those fish are fantastic!!!!


  11. Wow Lynn I love these fish! Beautiful. They would look lovely hanging in the breeze!

  12. This is wonderful! I so love how things are born out of creativity and imagination! So pretty.

  13. Hiya wet feet
    Long time I know
    But life has been toying with me
    And my time is not always my own

    Alas I have nothing to trade
    But words
    And a blessing
    For your beautiful work


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