Monday, August 3, 2009

Lisa's K = Kite ATC on Catcus Monday & Update

Lisa, the detail on your Kite ATC is amazingly wonderful.
Lisa used little sticks ( maybe tooth picks?) for her Kite form, covered with yellow tissue paper. White thread for the string ever so fine...and little green tissue ties (I think) for the tail. And then she painted the sky behind the kite. It is precious! Thanks Lisa I love and appreciate it. *******************
My bro will go home today. He's doing great. We walked for a while last evening.
Each walk was a bit further than the previous' days walk.
I had a humongous day of creating...2 days really. I'll start showing what I did
later in the week starting tomorrow!
HCM to all.


  1. yes, all the atcs look 100 times better when we see them for real, don't you think? this is truly fab. and what a lot of care and work lisa did. and talking of work, can't wait to see yours. hcm fellow cactuteer and so glad bro is well...does he live alone? and far from you? my bro arrives this friday for 2 weeks.

  2. I am glad you like your little kite.

    This is a nice photo of a cactus.

    It is a good sign that your Brother wants to go home. He must be doing well.

    Can't wait to see what you have been up to creatively. HCM.

  3. HCM! cant wait to see all your stuff...

  4. That Kite ATC is amazing.
    Great cactus photo and So glad your Brother is doing so well.

  5. getting our atc's is like getting new jewelry! That's amazing, thos work she put into that kite. I love our little group!

    That's a wonderful cacatus shot Lynn. Lots of breast like protrusions on this one!

    Glad Bro is up and about. You're a great sister!


  6. Hello Lynn! So many happening here on your blog!
    Love the cactus!
    Love the kite!
    Love the earring your made for Soulbrush!
    Love your flowers' shot!
    Love all your creations!

    Last but not least, HCM!

  7. Oh...wonderful news on your brothers recovery! Awesome!
    Happy Cactus Monday, Lynn!!!

  8. I had so much fun catching up on your happenings! Sounds like the creative fairy threw a whole lot of inspiration on you! Can't wait to see it all.

    I love your London lady and Lisa's kite is so wonderful.

    Glad your brother is doing well and lets you sew (did he have a choice? lol)

    Love the beautiful photos also. And the cactus.



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