Sunday, August 2, 2009

L = London Lady by Lynn; and Saturdays Sewings

My "L" ATC goes to Soulbrush in London. How happy I was to know I would be sending to Soul this week. As she is such a fun London Lady...and I had these giraffe earrings I was needing a reason to send to her. She is also a So. Afrikaner from years ago and loves all things wild! Drawing in micron ink pen and painted with my watercolors. To see more ABC ATCs go here.
We had a great Saturday. It's funny with a "guest" in the house I noticed myself emptying garbages more, checking the bathroom for fresh towels/t.p. etc. things like that.
I also noticed that since it's my bro and he's happy entertaining himself for the most part
I felt free to be at my sewing machine most of the day. A new project I have been working on since Friday is coming along beautifully and I am so stoked. But I'll wait a bit to share it with you. Something to look forward to.
I finished another art piece this weekend too and started a baby piece that goes with it last night.
I am on a creative roll to say the least!
We went out to dinner for Chinese food and it was delicious. Nice that bro felt well enough to venture out a bit too.
Happy Sunday to all
and to all
a Saturday Night Good night!


  1. roflol, double....this is lovely, luscious and laughable. who's that fun and funny lady? what a great caricature...or is it really real??? you are a real doll! and I am so glad that bro is getting out and about so soon...

  2. I just love your rendition of Soul. You have captured her zest for life.

    Your brother sounds like the perfect house guest even though he isn't feeling his best.

  3. that ATC is fabulouso. How amazing you had the perfect earrings. "Stoked" I havent heard that word for some time now. gave me a chuckle. sounds like the bro is a wonderful guest at the same time as he is receiving the loving kindness he needs right now. chinese. can i come next time?

  4. Well Soulbrush happens to be one of my favourite people. So lucky her.

    Yes, Lynn it does help that you reached over.

    Thank you.

    The lady with the brain tumour is my sister.

    Renee xoxo

  5. I thought I commented on this.. But I LOVE it. your best in the ATCs. Goes to a lovely person too.
    Glad your Bro is doing well.
    Have a wonderful creative Sunday.

  6. That is one ROCKIN' ATC for soul...Simply smashing! WOOHOO!

  7. Thanks gals.

    Glad Soul that you like my rendition of you! it was a lot of fun to do!!!

    Yes, she has the zest for life for sure.

    Renee, sweet of you to come here too. Thanks back.

  8. Such creativity. Very nice pieces in the slides.

    I am sure she will be thrilled. Those giraffe earrings on the painting was so fun.

  9. So nice to hear your bro felt well enough to go out. Love the card / painting with earrings!

  10. lynn, this portrait is spot on! you've captured soulbrush the smart classy imp that she is.

    would you like to move to blogland lane? i hope you know you are totally welcome.



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