Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mono Prints Collaged and Technology

Click photo to enlarge and see details Try as I might I was unable to upload a sequel to my movie from yesterday, so I made a collage instead. I've been sewing the mono prints getting ready for the larger quilted wall hanging.

Stay tuned.

Today I counseled a young man (21yrs of age) who felt abandoned by his peers
who preferred to sit with cell phones texting others
rather than have a face to face conversation
with him...I told him he was born in the wrong generation.
I shared how I too felt like technology was taking over peoples lives
in ways that was blocking people from being involved with people.
With the one exception of blogging.
Maybe it's not face to face
it sure is
people to people
and conducive
for the making of friendships
at least
that has been and continues to be
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  1. this just 'sings' it, love it.
    yes, there are some really sad people out there, and so young too. sigh.

  2. Neat idea! Can't easit to see your whole quilt when done! Looking great so far!!! I am having small snippets of time to come online and look at blogs lately. Kids and grands will be here 9 more days till they get settled in their apt. Looking forward to getting back to something artistic again! See you again soon!

  3. This is going ot be one exciting quilt. I love the colors and textures.

    The poor fellow. I think the young people aren't connecting with each other like they should. I wonder what will come of this world??

  4. I agree with him, this medium takes away from REAL life.
    peace, Kai

  5. These are amazing. you are now making your own material. wow.
    Yes it is a strange world anymore when people dont interact with each other. and yes we do SEE each other working on life & projects and sharing life in the blogging world and even meet face to face because of it.

  6. These colors just SING with happiness!!!!

    People never cease to amaze me.

  7. There's a whole lot of sewing going on here! Looks very pretty, Lynn. Seems very time consuming too. But the outcome is WOW!

  8. Love it and thank you for the demo in the previous post, I thrive on colour, looks like you do too. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

  9. I love those quilted monoprints - would make awesome quilted bowls. Lovely

  10. Lynn they are just wonderful!!! And how funny that you have created this round earth shape with your prints, so we are tuned:):). Those disks are beautiful and the process is intriguing, I'll have to have a closer look at this. Thanks so much for sharing, love love the colours


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