Friday, August 7, 2009

Garden Walk, Mono Prints as Photo Cards?

What do you think of these as photo cards?
I really like the textures
And colors Mim, I really liked your idea of a fabric bowl. I'll give it a try.
Happy Friday
I am feeling very very heavy hearted for some people I know
who are very very seriously ill. If you believe in prayer and or positive thought-
healing energy please send it this way.
I've no doubt it will find it's way where needed.
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  1. they will make beautiful cards Lynn - they are unique.
    Prayers/thoughts sent your way.

  2. These will make beautiful cards. The garden shots take you into the textures of the garden and the mono prints take you into your mind with their textures and colors.

  3. P.S. Postive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  4. unique cards and so colorful is what the mono prints will make. many prayers and love and light. thanks too for the peaceful garden tour.

  5. ooooh, I think they'll make wonderful cards!! I love that bright orange flower/shape one, wow! Wonderful garden shots too. I love the gate and the single rose and I have a weakness for blue glories :)

    I'm sorry about your friends. I'll jump on the prayer train as well.


  6. Aloha Lynn,
    your work is simply gorgeous! I think you already know, these images will be lovely on cards, but as a true critic, I give them two thumbs up and a double *Z* snap girlfriend!!!
    peace, Kai

  7. They will all make fab cards but I especially love that blue flower and the rose peeking over the fence.

    Sending prayers also.

  8. Well these are all great. Yes the textiles make great cards. I LOVE how you made flowers and leaves .. WOW. You go girl.
    Hoping for the best on your Friend.
    Sending positive thoughts her way.

  9. the fabric ones are great, also love the fence. with renee's nephew's plight and your friends, sigh...prayers, lynn prayers.

  10. These are truly beautiful! You are amazing with the color. So bright and so vivid. I love them as photo cards.

  11. My healing thoughts go out to your friends, Lynn.

  12. All pictures are so beautiful... It is lovely idea for photo cards... Vista Print is best place for printing stuff...


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