Saturday, August 8, 2009

Part II Mono Printing Again and Art Classes

I spent all day Friday with phase II of Mono Printmaking. [See new slide show above this post]
This time I took Mim's suggestion and tried it without the gelatin. I simply used the bottom of a metal bowl turned up side down. It worked great. I love the bright colors...I now have 12 more large and medium sized prints. First they dried in the sun again, got ironed to set the paint and then pinned...and cut out and sandwiched...
then I sewed around the outer edges with a machine satin stitch.
Tomorrow I will do the top sewing...
I love the sparkle that the glitter glue adds to the paint...
and these fall colors...
Today I signed up for two art classes at the community college. Both on Sundays, one in September and one in October. They are both taught by the same teacher I had last time for the Drawing Without Fear and Watercolor classes. I really like this teacher. He is so positive.
The new classes are: Drawing as Meditation and
Creative Watercolor Methods and Techniques.
I can hardly wait.
Happy Birthday to Laurel of Studio Lolo.
Thanks to everyone who sent positive thoughts and healing prayers for my ill friends.
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  1. what brilliance and what vibrancy, and i know you are going to love the classes. xxx

  2. These monos are beautiful and I know you are going to enjoy the art classes. Yes, I love these bright colors.

  3. What a fun and fabulous craft to learn! They look wonderful.

  4. These are fabulous Lynn!! I'm going to venture out soon and find the art pulse of my new area!

    Thanks for the B'day wishes :) XX

    Still sending prayers to your friends.

  5. You monoprint- colors are so sunny and good for the mind, wonderful colors and shapes. The upcoming classes sound great too, I see you are going out into all directions with lots of fun:) Lynniskynni, have fun and Have a lovely weekend,

  6. These are beautiful. I think now I am getting the concept of it all. the gelatin and bowl got me confused. But then thats easy to do. :))
    You are on a roll.

  7. Again, these are just georgous. I'm anxious to see the finished product. So vivid.
    I know you are looking forward to your classes. Have fun.

  8. vivid and striking colors and shapes. quite inventive. wonderful classes to look fwd to!

  9. Hello Lynn!
    Thanks for dropping by!
    I haven't finish drawing the ATC for you yet!
    I will do it only tomorrow.
    Your part II mono printings are gorgeous.
    reason to come here to see your beautiful creations!
    Happy cactus monday in advance!


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