Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday is Bursting with Color in my finished Series: EARTH FIRE WATER AIR as a Bouquet

This past weekend proved to be a busy creative one for me...starting with the preparation of four canvases for my recent series of quiltlets EARTH AIR WATER FIRE.
First I gessoed the canvasand then painted them with color to make the fabric pieces pop
deciding on the right shades of blue for air and water
and browns, yellows, greens for earth... and black for fire...

then I got to use the wonderful sea sponge I found for stamping
sea like images to the WATER piece

and then I hand sewed each fabric piece to it's canvas background
and put on my own personal art show in our backyard


and AIR

And back down to EARTH

Burning FIRE
on it's black painted canvas

Each canvas is 16" X 18"
and all are painted on the sides
ready for hanging

Shown in the garden

all so proud and showing off!
I will put them in my ETSY store and see if anyone
wants to own one or two or three or four!
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!

Colors are much brighter in person of course.
If you like you can vote for your favorite!


  1. Sea, air, fire, earth is the how I like them. Of course if I saw them in person I might change the sequence. They are all so good. I don't know how one could choose. I hope they go together.

    Now maybe you could do winter spring summer fall. ?? Or have you done this?

  2. Lynn..... I love these. I've been playing with canvas mounting some fiber art pieces myself. Yours are beautiful - I am in love with the earth piece particularly. There's that "stradated" stitching. Oh sew cool!

  3. Please don't make me pick a fav, I love them all and what a fab way to display them!! Really a creative weekend.

  4. WOW GIRL.. These are mind boggling.
    I like sea best I think, but then Fire is pretty awesome. and then. . . hmmm....You were one busy Artist this weekend.

  5. where do i start? water as i am an aquarian, but definitely down to earth for me, as that is what i am. love em. xx

  6. And now you have a much bigger audience! Clap,clap,clap,clap! Good show!
    I like them all, and I hope they sell well.

  7. Congrats Lynn and these masterpieces are so well done.
    Keep up your goodwork!

  8. Fabulous exhibition! So creative! Looking forward to the artysoulsisters exchange! P.S. Thanks for your comment on my Marigold post - actually it isn't an ATC - it's much bigger in real life!!

  9. wonderful! I love the progress photoes too!!

  10. Great work here Lynn, I love the fire canvas:) you are so very busy and always have fun, it shows!
    have a great day

  11. You have been busy!
    So clever how you can express the elements with fabric!
    You are a wizard!


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