Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Girlfriends Sketchbook Page on Animal Wednesday

Henry V was my helper this last long weekend while I painted canvas outside on the patio. He let me know he liked the colors. He's here to wish you a happy Animal Wednesday.
This is a close up of my next page for the girlfriends sketchbook:
This shows my page attached to Joss's page (Soulbrush). I am the seventh artist to add to this book so far. Three more to go until the book will be complete.
The back of my page
showing a photo of a piece from one of my very earliest memory quilts about my Grandma Ella
using the same fabrics I used in this sketchbook page and some hand dyed red dryer sheets.

click on photo to enlarge and see details

soft cotton fabric, backed with soft batting, trimmed in satin

a feel good page

My full page called "Quilting Bee".
Karen's book theme is Bees. She said we could do it any way we wanted even sneaking it in according to our own style. And that is what I did. This fabric is left over from some I used a two years ago that represented my grandmother's love of sewing. I turned the family group of sewing mother and daughters into a quilting bee something groups of women gathered to do in the past (and maybe they still do).
I snuck in a tiny bee charm after quilting the piece on brown paper bag for sturdiness
and trimming it in red satin ribbon.
It's sewn with metallic and cotton threads.
I hope Karen likes it.
But she asked not to see her pages until the whole completed book reaches her so don't tell her about my
page please, thanks.


  1. HAW to Henry. Your page is so sweet. Soul will love it. I won't tell.

  2. I love this page, just love it. I think something is stuck at this end as I've only received three books to work on so far, so there must be about 6 more to come this way. but I have begun my soulsisters pages now.

  3. lynn, i don't know what to say. your style keeps changing and just gets better and better all the time. another real wowser. xxx

  4. it's wonderful!!!!

    I don't think I'd want to see my book until it was complete either. It would be so much fun opening it up and seeing it all together for the first time.

    I'd better get busy!

    Blogger won't let me upload images today so no post from me I guess.

    HAW anyway!

  5. Henry - sweeeeet kitty.
    Beautiful page - vibrant bold and fun. What a cute idea - the charm. Wish I would have thought of that.

  6. Blogger or my computer is giving me fits today. So hope this sends. But this is so stinkin' clever. its fabulous. I love that Henry was giving you his sage wisdom on your work. :)

  7. HAW Henry!

    Gorgeous and such thoughtful pages!!

  8. the bee charm among the quilting bee pages is so absolutely perfect!!

  9. Awesome and so glad Henry helped!

  10. Great book Lynn! Your page is lovely!
    I look forward to our project as well!


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