Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grateful Thursday

Five years ago today two babies came into our lives
via my daughter and son in law,
a little girl weighing 3 lbs and a little boy weighing 2.5 lbs. Today is their fifth birthday! And today is also the 16th birthday of our grand daughter Kaeli Rose, my son's daughter!
Happy Birthday Kids!
I am remembering my grandparents today...Not because of the date, but they came to mind this weekend and I found myself altering this photo using the sepia in effects and making an ATC...on this photograph taken one summer at a spa in California when my parents and my brother and I joined my grandparents and mother's still single sister for a summer vacation. I was five years old. Coming up with an "R" word for next weeks ABC ATC swap I started remembering things and I wrote them down:
Sweet sweet memories I am grateful for.
And then I drew this picture of a butterfly in my new sketchbook from Patty.
Butterfly in black ink pen and colored ink pens then surrounded with watercolor paints.
I like the way this butterfly looks like it's soaring upwards.
Peace. Me, feeling very very blessed today!


  1. aaaawwww happy birthday twins, and are you saying that all three of your grands have the same birthday? happy happy b day to all, from grandie in london. and that butterfly is awesome. I have an amazing butterfly that Lisa sent me ages ago, and this is just as good!!! you rock gran, you simply rock!!!

  2. Lynn, you have such a beautiful family. You are indeed rich. Rich with the love of your family, rich with talent, rich with friends. You have certainly been blessed. I feel blessed since you choose to share a tiny bit of your self with us. Peace.

  3. Gosh, all the girls look like you Lynn. What a wonderful post!
    Love that butterfly.

  4. Yes, Soul both the twins and Kaeli all were born on todays date! Funny huh?
    Glad you like my butterfly so.

    Lisa, Thanks, I do feel rich in love today.

    Teri, you think? Wow, now that is a compliment!

  5. And you have reasons to feel blessed!
    What lovely grandchildren!
    The butterfly is beautiful!
    And how great to have precious memories!

  6. They were such tiny babies but look at em now. They are healthy and gorgeous. Something to be thankful for. Kaeli is a doll too. Thats a lovely butterfly you did. Has such feeling to it too.

  7. What beautiful children...Shine on with all your blessings!

  8. you are so blessed with these beautiful grandchildren. The photo of the grandparents is lovely. You are the mistress or should I say master of remembrance and honoring those both present and past.

  9. What an emotionally charged post, Lynn! Beautiful grandchildren! Thank God for them!
    What a beautiful ATC you made of your grandparents!!!
    Your butterfly is so lovely and bright...a symbol of hope for the future!

  10. Happy Birthday to your grandkids! What are the odds of having all your grandkids born on the same day! They're beautiful, btw.
    Love your butterfly ATC. The watercolor "rays" remind me of a tie-dyed t-shirt.

  11. Aww Lynn, your granchildren are just precious and I hope they had wonderful birthdays! What a beautiful butterfly!


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