Friday, September 11, 2009

Lots More Goodies, Life is FULL of GOODIES

My daughter emailed me this adorable photo of our grandkids kindergarten class!
You can bet this made my day!I bought a book, a new book!
A wonderful book written by a fellow blogger
Patti Digh
(I got it used on perfect like new condition, you know me,
I like a good deal)
I went shopping at Terry Busse's ETSY store and got all these wonderful "Wooly Bits" and a big bag of EXTRAS from generous Terry! Thank you Terry, I can't wait to get these to my embellisher machine! Another blogger friend Margeeth made me this beautiful fabric postcard and made this "Dutch" ATC special for me. I had admired one like it she had on her blog but had already traded. I liked the Dutch stamps as they immediately tell me where this ATC is from. And my bouquet from Patty that she brought me a week ago today is in full bloom and oh so beautiful!!!!! Thank you Patty Wishing You All A Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Yes, life is full of goodies! Wonderful pictures! I wish you a nice wekeend Lynn!

  2. Life is what you make it and you are making it great. Liked your post about the twins birthday. Wish them happy birthday from me. They grow so fast, don't they.

  3. lovly photos - the kids look adorable!

  4. All such pretties!!!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog! You are the best!!!

    JUst feeling kinda uninspired these a funk I suppose!

    You are always inspiring!!!

  5. great photo of the kids. have fun creating this Week end with all yr new stuff.

  6. Gee, is it your birthday? I know what you will be doing this weekend and I hope we get to see it next week!

  7. Cute photo of the kids in school. A precious keep sake.
    YOu got lots of goodies. The book looks good too.
    I love flowers that keep fresh for a long time in a vase. A fun post today.

  8. my friday is an exhausted on as it is the end of the first week back at work, but it's the weekend YAY.
    wordveri:stross (yes i like that word a lot, how i feel, strossed!)

  9. Gunnel, glad you enjoy my pictures. hope your weekend is good as well.

    Judith, Yes, they grow in leaps and amazing thing to watch happen. Thanks.

    Mim, thanks. and thanks again.

    Julie, I hope some of my energy can rub off on you today! thanks so much for coming here.

    Suki, thanks and I am!

    Teri, no, it just seems that way, and you are right I am and you will.

    Cris I started the book last night and can already highly recommend it. Very inspiring.

    Soul, I hope you can de stross and have some fun this weekend!!! ;-))

  10. after midnight here, was lying in bed aboutto go to sleep, thinking about things, decided not to start my book with that page...have another more general deleted it! thought i'd tell you as you are the only one who has commented...thanks for e -will look at that tomorrow, and i did upload that picture at double it's size...mmm so maybe that's what worked and enabled you to enlarge it. nite nite xxx

  11. Lynn - I found your blog via your post from Judy Wise's blog. You warm my heart! Daily I wonder if I have forgotten, or what I've forgotten, or when I'll forget. But, each day is a miracle waiting to happen. I loved reading your blog - joy to you! Thanks!


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