Saturday, September 12, 2009

My ArtySoulsisters Traveling Book Starts with My Cover

This is my quilted cover for a new traveling art book:
To learn more about this group go to the blog called ArtySoulsisters This is the back of my cover: red metallic threads in the bobbin drew the sisters on the off white muslin. And this circle tells you where all nine artists reside and where the book will travel to before returning to me.
To see all the pages that have been and will be added to these books and learn
more about the process I used on mine go HERE and follow along.
In the meantime I am spending the day at my grandchildren's
5th Birthday Party
a bash in the park
where I will be in charge of
you guessed it
Photos to can count on it!


  1. Oh Lynn, this is such a beauty. I can't wait to see all that will be inside of it.

  2. It is a beauty Lynn. I love how you composed it with each area for the players.

  3. Well this is fabulous. You captured the fun here. Have fun with the grandkids today. Like you wouldn't LOL

  4. and i am the S=Soul lady, holdingthe other side of the line with all our friends in between, simply fabadabadelicious! oooh i know we are gonna get some lovely photos from today's event. yay!

  5. oh what a delightful cover. and hope the party is great fun, oh queen of crafts.

  6. ummmm, I am amazed! The stitching is remarkable. Vould I expect anything less? of course not! You are so so talented, I just have to look in awe...

  7. Wow, Lynn! This is wonderful! You are so creative with that sewing machine!


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