Monday, September 14, 2009

Cactus Monday and ArtySoulSisters Book: Page One

Cute story: As we were leaving the Mexican restaurant Saturday evening my grand daughter asked me why I was taking this photo. I told her about our Cactus Monday and my needing a photo to post today. I then told her that Tuesday was Blooming Tuesday and I'd post a flower.
She then wanted to know what Wednesday was, and I told her Animal Wednesday...and then she asked what Thursday would be...I said Grateful Thursday and I often posted about being grateful for having wonderful grand kids; What is the next day, and the next...I had to expound on each day of the week for her. Now she knows how her grandmother celebrates her days! *****************
You know about our traveling you see the
cover attached to the first page of my ArtySoulsisters Traveling book
I sewed an extra padded strip of fabric between cover and page and at end of first page
for adding next artist's art-worked page to my book.
My first page is sewn to my cover this way!
Do click on photos to see details....even the colored threads are worth a look!
Close up: I used dyed drier sheets, and lots of "Woolie Bits" I bought and got
At times I felt like I was channeling Terry while working on this page.
This is the back of the page, backs often are as interesting as the fronts... I machine felted the whole piece, top sewed free motion style, and added some glitter glue for extra sparkle
The sun shines on Cactus Monday!


  1. You are magical with a sewing machine, Lynn!!! Awesome pages and cover.
    Have a wonderful CM!!!
    Great story about telling your granddaughter about all the days of the week blogging adventures! I'm sure she will be blogging one day too (and sewing like a dream too)...taking after her grandma!!!

  2. Happy Cactus Monday Lynn!!
    And greeting from Lagos.
    Your pages are just wonderful went to the artysoulsisters site and admired them!
    You are a wizard I have told you before......
    Have a nice day!

  3. Isn't it great when the grands are so interested in what we do?! Maybe she should be joining you in days of the week. Did she get your creativity gene?

    Wonderful wonderful pages for your book!

    I am noticing that you spelled all your words correctly! LOL


  4. Wow. Thats a wonderful cover and first page. Is this the path to the next Soul Sister? You are a wiz with a piece of material.
    Love the cactus photo. Love the story about the Grand daughter. Now I wonder what she will be coming up with?

  5. Just amazing Lynn!!! Wow!

    I love how you told your Granddaughter what each day was. My husband thinks I'm nuts ;P


  6. What a wonderful story and great art and photos. Judy

  7. Nice work!! Love your story too!
    HCM and have a great week!

  8. This is really pretty, Lynn. I'll bet it is neat to see in person.

    Love those Mexican tiles. Those would be fun to make.

  9. You are an inspiration Lynn. I can't wait to get this in my hands for an up close look. Love the Mexican tiles too.


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