Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Garden Grows On Blooming Tuesday!

Happy Blooming Tuesday! A Garden Grows
Cotton fabric (left over curtains from IKEA); party ribbon; felted Woolie Bits; dyed dryer sheets; cotton, rayon, polyester and metallic threads The bottom photo was taken outdoors at dusk...the one above in the house with artificial light
27 1/4" X 17" Click to see details I know you know that I am most always an upbeat person. But did you know that when I get really excited about something I get really really "high" on life/that excitement/ and then I come crashing down afterwards? That is exactly what happened to me this past weekend. I spent Friday in a whirlwind of excitement getting ready for my grand kids birthday party on Saturday, and then spent Saturday enjoying the party and the kids to the hilt! My adrenalin was flying high. It's a natural high, although the bit of sugar I partook of with ice cream cake at the party didn't help, it added to. So on Sunday, the party over, we were home...I experienced the biggest let down I'd felt in ages. The down is always in balance with the this was way down. My daughter had handed me a pile of fabric on our way out the door with the message: "Make what ever you want with this but don't bring it back here in any form, sell it." (I guess she is on over load with grandma's stuff/art). So when I finally dragged myself upright from my down and got myself to my cutting table and sewing machine I created this, and let it be known, that it made me happy to make it, and I had a very normal balanced up day today! I think it would look adorable in a kids room. I'm putting it in my ETSY store. It has a hanging sleeve for easy hanging too. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!


  1. Oh Lynn, I know those crashes!
    This just goes to show the healing power of art ;)

    What a wonderful piece! I agree, very sweet in a little girl's room.

    Hey, I got my "remember" atc yesterday. I love the letter and the long list of wonderful memories! I sat in the p.o. parking lots and read it. It's very special Lynn, thank you. I'm honored to have your much-loved relatives have a place in my home ;)


  2. can relate utterly, the same happens to me, maybe we are all like that...ying and yang of life. but art is very therapeutic in my life now. couldn't manage without it, wouldn't want to. i would buy this for maggie's room, but my dil is very fussy, so i daren't...but i would if i could!!! tee hee xxx

  3. I think this emotion is inherent in a Grams life. Me too.

    And art is also my savior!

    Wonderful and adorable pieces Lynn.

  4. This is wonderful. You do the best Art on your lows after seeing the Grand Kids or missing the Grand Kids. Art is a Very powerful mood motivator.Or is it that your Mood is a very powerful Art motivator? :)

  5. I love this little quilt. Those swirls are amazing. They look so perfectly round. If I tried this they would have gone all over the place. (I'm bad even with straight line stitching.) Anyway, as always, your cute little designs are wonderful.

  6. Lolo, thanks for your encouraging words...and so glad you enjoy my R ATC re my dear grands.

    Soul, what a sweet thing to say, and yes, i do think we are very similar in this way. Poor us. LOL

    Teri, Thanks. Your recent sharing allowed me to do the same.

    Cris, I think I fill the time in between grand kid visits with art is life now!

    Katie Jane, oh dear no they are not perfect. As I do not do perfect. They are all shapes and sizes and swirl all over the place which makes me happy...i love the imperfections in my pieces. Thank you for your praise and appreciation.

  7. So much detail on this Lynn. I am glad you are back in balance now.

  8. Happy belated Cactus Monday and Blooming Tuesday!
    I am glad to hear that this piece had been sold.
    Congrats Lynn. Many more sale to come:)

  9. This is super cute and I can see why it sold so quickly. It's so quirky and charming.


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