Wednesday, September 2, 2009

EARTH; Animal Wednesday

EARTH The last in a series of four EARTH, AIR, FIRE, AND WATER
More dyed paper towels and dryer sheets
flat and rolled for texture
Machine and hand stitching
layers of earth, striations in rocks, embedded in my mind
from our summer road trips cross country
A triology became a Series of Four...A Quartet
Ducks shot at an outdoor yard sale several weeks ago
for Animal Wednesday! Middle of the week just before a long weekend...
Enjoy Living On This Earth


  1. That series is so awesome - I am so impressed. Can you take a photo with all of them together?

    HAW to you and Henry

  2. although i am a water sign, i truly love earth colours, must be the african in me. this is sublime. and i too would love to see them all. haw lynnie, and there is lots winging its way to you. xxx

  3. Mother Earth is certainly enjoyed here. I like the look of this earth. It reminds me of rag rugs where the cloth is rolled like this. Always a comforting look to me.

  4. this is amazing. all of them. oh, so you're shooting ducks now?

  5. Wow, I have to catch up here I see!! This is wonderful. very earthy indeed.

    And um, yeah...shooting ducks got my attention too!


  6. I can just imagine the land across country as I have never been across couuntry but I can see patch work areas from Farms and just empty spaces that you captured here in this piece. Yes you need to put them all together for a shot.
    Love the Ducks. So you went to shoot them and they wooden duck huh? :))

  7. What a fascinating series Lynn. You have a real feel for whatever subject you are doing!

    HAW to the ducks.

  8. I'm here via Efrat.
    Wonderful quilting, I like water so much! Beautiful!

  9. Lawendula, thank you for coming here today, I hope you'll return.
    I'm glad you like "Water"...
    I went to your blog too and loved the part with your daughter playing...and creating, and her ideas so sagelike for such a young child. I like your art too very much!!!


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