Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WATER; Everythings Coming Up Roses On Blooming Tuesday!

The third of my trilogy so far is WATER made up using dyed paper towels and dryer sheets and a strip of fabric got in the mix here too.

the three dimensional aspect at the bottom and top are scrunched up paper towels hand sewn on top

for added texture

otherwise I used rayon threads in dark green to machine sew free style on top...the reeds are made up of

layers of dyed dryer sheets and top sewn with multicolored thread then cut out of the whole cloth and sewn on to the piece. You are under water so remember to hold your breath!

Tomorrow we inherit the EARTH
the Trilogy becomes a Quartet

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday...Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

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  1. cool is this! Made with dryer sheets and paper towels too...this is a great mixed media project!!! Marvelous!!!!!

  2. I love smelling the roses while looking at your work. Love this underwater picture. I can almost see the seaweed floating back and forth through the water. I can imagine the rocks etc at the floor of the sea. Marvelous.

  3. This is beautiful, I love the colours and texture.

  4. wondeful and inventive. how will you hang all these connected pieces? ah, yes i can smell that rose.

  5. Wow.. great job. all thats missing is the fish swimming. LOL
    Lovely Rose too.Roses must be in the air. I painted a bush full and posted it.

  6. Julie, thanks.

    Lisa, glad you got so into the water with me...

    Ro, thanks for coming by...and for your compliment.

    Suki, not sure, at first I thought on black canvases...then last night I thought I might cut them up and make three dimensional pieces from them...still thinking.

    Cris, I thought about Fish but did want to keep it as much to the element as possible. The reeds were pushing it a bit for me.

  7. One is more amazing than the next! Beautiful and creative. I use creative a lot when I comment on your work don't I! Well it is!!!


  8. i still can't believe that it is on kitchen paper...the colours are superb, you are superb. there is a lot of art coming your way...2 books for the girlfriend project and your

  9. This water piece is WAAAAY cool! I really like this. Very creative and it just looks soo good. I like how the colors turned out.

  10. Oh my, what soothing colors!! You're on a roll with this series. WOW Lynn!!


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