Thursday, September 3, 2009

Grateful Gift Getting Thursday

My DH has been being very sweet and thoughtful lately. Every several days this past couple of weeks he has bestowed a gift on me~
The Fiber ARTs magazine was so thoughtful. He thought of me while visiting Borders Bookstore and home it came. A magazine I've only purchased maybe once before for myself. But full of very good and inspiring art.
The day he went into a auto parts store to get a new light for his car's headlight he came out with this jar and handed it to me. Its for cleaning glass! I had no idea why he was thinking of me there, but he was, and even though I still cannot figure out why glass cleaner, I am not looking the gift horse in the mouth, but saying thank you.
The third gift came last night. He said he got it at the used bookstore in Davis. It's actually a kids book on art projects, but believe me it is chalk full of awesome ideas for painting and embellishing that I can learn myself for my own art and to share with art projects with my grand kids. Again, I had no idea why I am being thought of at every turn in the road lately, but I am not complaining. How sweet is this? Thanks dear husband...I love you too~ Then the mail person brought me this beautiful card and ATC from Marianne in the Netherlands! Her wonderful painted blooming cactus that I had asked for in trade. I also love that the card she got from another blogging friend is full of mandalas, as that is Marianne's trademark and favorite form of art making. Thank you Marianne!
A small box filled my mail box on another day, that had come all the way from Malaysia.
These ATCs are like sturdy coasters and are painted front and back each one more adorable than the one before! Thank you Yoon See and for your beautiful piece of pottery that I neglected to photograph but will. I love all of these wonderful gifts.
And then...Teri C's ATCs came in the mail as well...Her wonderful zen tangles on brown paper just dance off the page, spin around, and sing! And she made a mandala too full of color and energy and love that made my heart swell! I love her sweet daisy card that pops up and out at me! Thank you Teri, you are a gem!
So, yes, I am grateful...I also sold two artist aprons from my ETSY store!
Gotten tons of compliments on my latest works of art: EARTH, WATER, AIR and FIRE.
Had a few new people come visit my blog.
Got lots of emails of appreciation for cards and little fiber pieces I had sent out from my give away. I am simply full up of gladness and joy of life here! Thanks to each and every one of you for being my friends. And today while out walking I ran into an old colleague who is getting ready to retire. Had a nice chat with her at an outdoor cafe...was introduced to another colleague and made a nice contact there. I also ran into a guy I know through the art gallery and we exchanged a few pleasantries on our walks through town.
I saw a little baby running through sprinklers that shot up out of the cement by the park; a grandma chasing after her sure footed grand son; I laughed out loud and took photos of flowers, stopped at the thrift store and found a GOOD book for free and some sturdy file cards for making ATCs for a dime.
What a good feeling just being alive!
I hope you feel this way too today!
PS I love this post today at Kellys Blog. HERE. titled "Why I Use The G Word"


  1. You have a way of finding joy in so much. thanks for being such an inspiration!

  2. Your joy for life is oozing right off of the page today Lynn. It is so good of you to spread this joyful song over us. Namaste.

  3. all these wonderful things happening to and for you Lynn. Delightful.

  4. Sorry to be late commenting. but there was a lot to read and see here. I will have to go back and look and read again. wow you have an abundance of things to be thankful for today. Love it how DH is bringing you little gifts. Love everyones work too. such fabulous talent.

  5. your dh is a real treasure, can i borrow him for a week or two, no make it a year or two?

  6. Well, WOW! You certainly found lots of things to be grateful for! You are just boiling over with gratefulness. Love all your wonderful finds. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. What a guy you have! Such sweet and loving gestures.
    Great gifts too! I am happy to be in such great company.

    Happy and thankful thursday!

  8. Wow! Lynn you are a lucky person. So many gifts to make your day!
    I am glad thae package arrive safe yeah!


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