Friday, September 4, 2009

The Shadow Knows

Today I walked in the hot Indian Summer weather we are having...seeking shade to hide in to protect me from the hot, hot sun...and found it fun to seek out shadows
seeing so much beauty reflected at my feet flowing down the street even under this seat
I must confess I got the idea from two blogger friends
and Sukipoet Paint Poems and Ponderings Banner Happy Friday Everyone
I am looking at and enjoying the beginning of a four day weekend!
Today I am spending with Patty!
The next few days will be deep in creating mode with paint, canvases, dirt, and stitchery.
And working on two Girlfriends Sketchbook pages!
Stay tuned for more photos and details.
Do you dream art making?
I do!


  1. Yes, it appears that a great shadow is looming over the internet crowd lately. Love your photos. Have fun this weekend.

  2. lovely shadows and thanks for the shout out. I esp like the last one--the park bench. Have fun with your friend and have a great time being creative.

  3. Only the Shadow knows where you found these great shots. :)I love the way you just threw Dirt in that list of creative things you will be doing this weekend, will you be making...Patty cakes? :))
    Sorry its early here. Have a great day and weekend.

  4. Sounds like your gonna have a great weekend, enjoy.

  5. these shadowy photos are superb lynn, and i do so hope you and patti have a great time, you said it is a belated birthday party. yahoooo.xx

  6. Lynn, these are wonderful photos, I love all those patterns created by the shadows. These would be good inspiration for a painting too. Yes, I dream about making art. Have a great 4 day weekend, woohoo!

  7. Great pictures Lynn! You have an artists eye.

  8. You even make shadows creative!! geesh!

  9. Beautiful shadow shots, Lynn!

  10. Wow - now checking my Bloglines and realising I've missed so many posts from the blogs I usually read! Amazing how time flies. Lovely shadows.


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