Saturday, September 5, 2009

Belated Birthdays are Fun and Old Friends Are The Best!

Click on photos to enlarge and read Patty arrived at eleven in the morning on Friday, and left at five! We had so much fun, laughs, talk, ...we talk about our kids, our grand kids, our lives, in-laws, husbands, family, friends, our pasts, and our present...
Speaking of presents, Patty came with a huge bouquet of tiger lilies for me, a big sketchbook/journal that I promised to draw in right away and did...and a gift card to Michael's for art supplies! How generous is that I ask you?! Thank you Patty, again, from the bottom of my heart.
For those of you new to Patty and me, Patty and I go back 68 years to when we lived across the street from each other and became fast friends as soon as we were old enough to make our way across the street! We played in her yard and ours, doll house, jacks, dress up, etc.; on the street, kick the can, rode bikes, movies; went to drama class together, to the same elementary, Jr high and high schools...double dated a few times, went to parties, worked together in my nursery school for a while, raised our kids, had our grand kids, and remained best friends all these many years.
It's very very special to be able to still play together, reminisce together, lean on each other for support (emotional, not physical yet); and eat an occasional hot fudge sundae together! (hers was raspberry!) LOL
I know I am still high from the sugar...but I am also high on life, and lovingly full of gratitude for this friendship that is oh so very very special. I love you Patty! Thanks for being my friend and putting up with me all these many years!
PS: And Henry LOVES Patty Too!!!!


  1. You two look like sisters. She is definitely the best gift from life.

  2. Being with a friend like that gives you such a warm loving feeling doesn't it? the pictures are gorgeous, and the love shows on each of your faces - just a treat to see!

  3. so wonderful to still have a connection from so far back. she is a gem. as are you.

  4. What a great post. A lovely post about lasting friendship. You two have a very special relationship. Not all friendships last.
    Love the drawing Interwoven with the days activity. and the flowers and gifts. I can see many more projects coming with that Gift card. :)))
    My word verification is ...storks. :))

  5. what a wondrous friendship, she and you together forever,making memories. bliss xxx
    wordveri:hersing (and i am sure yousing too).

  6. You two are so close you look alike! How sweet that you've managed to keep in touch all these years. Clap clap clap clap clap...for being true-blue friends!


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