Sunday, September 6, 2009

Preparing Canvases; Gift Card Bounty; Journal Page

Saturday morning I painted two canvases for my paper towel/dryer sheet art work. Later I went to Michael's with my gift card from Patty
and had a ball picking out what I wanted.
The cashier was so funny. When I gave her the cards, plus one coupon
she said: "It's almost like getting it for free!"
Well, yes, frankly it is FREE to me.
Isn't that what a GIFT CARD is all about?
And I wrote in my new journal sketchbook
that was also a gift from Patty.
If you'd like to read the sage writings from a crone
simply click on this photo to enlarge it.
Two more days of weekend ahead
I hope to get more art done.
Actually I sewed on two of the fabric pieces to the canvases above
and will show them tomorrow. Are you enjoying a long weekend too?
I hope you are having a really good time and will share it with me
either in your comments or on your own blog.


  1. we had our long weekend last weekend. did you do that sketch of yourself and p? how well done it is and the liknesses have been very well captured.

  2. have a good arty weekend lynn

  3. It looks like lots of creative things coming out of this purchase. What fun.

  4. Looks like you made out at Michaels.. It IS almost like getting it all free isnt it?? LOL
    The Drawings are wonderful. You did get the 'essence' of each of you. Look forward to your new projects being shown all done. Have a fun long weekend creating.

  5. Yes I'm having a great weekend too. Some friends had a surprise welcome back party for me last night. Lots of fun. And today another friend invited me over for a welcome back lunch. Everyone really missed me and they're so happy I'm back. It's all making me feel special and loved.

  6. how fun to spend your gift cert on these lovely tools. this is a magical time here with day after day of glorious weather. almost hautingly beautiful.

  7. Such a good friend Patty is and clearly she knows you well, since she chose such a perfect gift for you. I love your sketch depicting your friendship.

    Looking forward to more art!

  8. What a neat book! I am looking at trying to do an altered art book using a child's board book and gesso-ing out all of the pages for new art. I hope to try it soon!


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