Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grateful Thursday With Soul

I was lucky enough to purchase this wonderful painting by Soulbrush from her ETSY store
before anyone else made a dive for it! I cannot tell you how this painting sings to me.
My husband loves it too. We both are moved by the African theme, the musicians dancing off the page, and the bright colors.
Thanks Soul for sending this to me so quickly and framed under glass to boot. I so appreciate having it. Every one who sees it stops to take a closer look and has wonderful things to say about it. We love it.
Apologies for my camera glare off the glass...but do click to see more detail of the painting and to see more of Souls work go here and to her ETSY store! It's full of beautiful paintings like this one.
And if that wasn't enough to be grateful about today I got in the mail an envelop from Soulbrush!
An ATC for "Y" for our ABC ATC blog...and since we are only approaching "S" I will hold off on showing it here now. You'll have to wait. Her envelop was full of extra embellishments, cards, ribbon, etc, things I can use in my art making later on. Thank you Soul for your kind heart and generosity. Your friendship is much appreciated.


  1. Yes, this was one of my favorites of hers too. It is so lively and colorful.

  2. I love this one! You are indeed lucky for getting there first.
    I'm going to show my purchase today too as soon as I get off my butt and start scanning ;)

  3. that's so the colours.. :)
    peace, Kai

  4. This is one of my favorites also. Lovely colors and style.

  5. Yes, I love all her African art but this one is especially appealing!

  6. oh lynn, it is so wonderful to see this here and such an honour that 6 of you have bought my art. thanks so much, i am soo grateful to you all too.

  7. Wow this is really cool!
    And so African!!!!
    Only Soul can do this!



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