Friday, September 18, 2009

Support The ARTS

I'm awfully proud of this ATC.
An ATC with a message.

I used a new toy I bought myself at Michael''s a multipurpose gadget that punches two sizes of hole and fastens several sizes of grommets to objects DE art. Now, here is how I made my multi-layered, multi processed ATC with a message.

1. Recycling, I cut out cards from an old cereal box = good sturdy card stock.

2. Then I applied Gesso to the cards giving the brown card a white background. A year ago I had no idea what Gesso was!

3. Then I waited for the Gesso to dry, once dry I painted with acrylic paints (2 colors) to said card.

4. After it dried I stamped the card with my cute "Snap Out of It" stamp by Mary Englebright.

5. I collaged the card next by adding the word SMILE cut out from a booklet of sayings and glued them to the card.

6. AND then I laminated the card with self sealing laminate pouches.

7. And finally I used my new grommet punch and added a hole and then a yellow grommet in one corner. I strung a ribbon in the hole. Wha-la! An ATC with a purpose! Hang it on your key chain Marianne (it goes to her for our ABC Blog "S " for this coming week) , and you will always have reason to SMILE. And in case you are in a bad mood the ATC will also remind you to Snap Out of It! and then SMILE! A message I needed my self recently!

Mim sent me this wonderful"fit for a Queen", Queen Fish ATC for our "Q" ABC ATC.
Thanks Mim for calling me "Queen of Quilts!" I love the wand she carries and the crown she wears! This wonderful fabric post card came from Linda in Australia. Her son, age six I believe, wants to help his family raise money for a trip home to The Netherlands. This is H.'s drawing I purchased from him to encourage his art and help his cause! Thanks H., it's a wonderful drawing! As I said Let's Support the Arts!


  1. You are a true creative genius Lynn! Great ideas and you may start a new fashion - wearing ATC's!

  2. Marvelous Lynn. I think you can do anything! Your projects all make me SMILE. Have a great weekend.

  3. I've seen those grommet gizmos and have wanted to buy every new toy out there. I can't though, jeez I'd never get anything else done!

    it's a great card Lynn. Perfect "S!"

    I love H's drawing too and the postcard. Oh, and the Queenfish for sure!

  4. wow and wow! I love the recycling and the grommet hole punch is a supurb idea! the collage is so interesting to look at. I am always amazed by collage...

  5. how interesting, you make me smile each and every day lynn. give me lind'as addie and i will support her son in his venture. xx

  6. You just keep coming up with cool ideas. wow. This is very cool. I see things like that in the stores but never figure out what to do with them but you have visions and come up with fantastic ideas. Your such an inspiration. Great art pieces you are collecting here too.

  7. Oh 'Cris' is me..I had to go thru another email server to get on this morning. AOL has been giving me fits lately.

  8. geez you're so crafty... gotta get me some of these neat toys you have so I can get into some of this creative stuff!

  9. You find the funnest things to create with!! Love Mariannes key chain!

  10. Mmmm, grommets. I love grommets.


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