Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sketch Book Busy And Fabric Fun

My lastest melt down drove me to create this little fabric piece after stumbling over this perfect quote! Author unknown.
Of course it has a grommet for hanging up! The following are my most recent pages from my "Patty Sketchbook"
You are welcome to vote for a favorite!
I hope you are having fun on Saturday! Tune in on Sunday to learn about our
Friday Date Night Out on the Town!


  1. oooh the yellow flowers and the last thingamajiggie!

  2. Oh Lynn, it is difficult to choose a fave. I like the sunflowers but the color of the last one is a knockout.

  3. I love the daisy zen. Of course! They all look great!

  4. Now you would think I would pick the yellow daisies but I love the red .. poinsettia ? Is that what it is? They are all great tho. Like I said before, You're a lean mean creating machine.. lol

  5. Hi Lynn,

    I have always been drawn to Sunflowers. I love the yellow sunburst pattern you painted around them. They look very cheery!

    Blessings to you on this special day!


  6. I like the red one - very cheery and satisfying.

    Are you having wisdom tooths out? I only had one out, and it really isn't bad, just a bit tender. If I was doing more than one I would have opted for a general and slept thru it. He sort of stuck a pliers in my mouth, wiggled it a bit and yanked. Thank goodness for novacaine. You can only eat mushy food for awhile, and believe it - you only want to eat mushy food - nothing with edges.
    Good luck!


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