Sunday, September 20, 2009

Date Night: Old West Trio Sings in El Dorado Hills

While out having a good time on the town I often pack my sketch book and pens with me and capture some of the evenings fun. Top is a young woman sitting in front of us. This was the zentangle I did at the end of a fun musical evening. Capturing some of the cowboys and their music on paper is fun too.
click to see and read details Okay, they are not great art, but just keepsakes for me reminding me of the fun we had.
Now you can see the real thing!
DH came home EARLY on Friday, a very unusual occurrence, and announced we were going out! Date night, I asked? YES! He said. So we piled in the car and I drove to El Dorado Hills, outside of Sacramento, CA (a place neither of us had ever been before)...but if you keep driving up 80 you eventually get there. Now DH is one of those non direction asking men, and came without the name of the place we were going (it was a coffee house he knew that) or the address. (But he said E. Hills was small, we'd find it). and we did, eventually... lots of driving around, and lots of no, it's not THAT coffee house.
But luckily the music was outside and we did eventually come upon it...sat outside, ordered dinner, (sandwiches/fresh fruit) and enjoyed a long evening of really good Western Swing music by three very talented musicians, "Old West Trio" is the groups name.
DH informed me that his new interest of this music came from his discovery of artist Charlie Russell this past summer when we were in Montana or was it Idaho at the Charlie Russell museum? Where he picked up a CD by this very group. Whatever, I like it too and it makes for a fun time for both of us to enjoy together. I like looking at the old cowboys! LOL
I brought my camera and my trusty sketch pad and pens and had a ball using all of that while listening to the music and being entertained by the two cow pokes and one cow gal. They all sang very well and played their bass and guitars extremely well. They cracked a few jokes between songs and made for an entertaining evening. They were close to us in age so it didn't go past ten p.m. Got home late, and slept in late. Fun, fun, fun.
If you'd like to hear Old West Trio go to UTUBE.
I tried in vain to upload a video I made from the live concert last night.
You can find them singing at UTUBE.


  1. What a fab night out! Looks like you had some great fun. Love your drawings btw - some really useful lines and patterns that would translate to stitch! Thanks for showing us! Have a great Sunday



  2. Sometimes those spontanious night outs are the most fun. I love your sketches.

  3. Lynn, you've done some wonderful gesture drawings here!

    Your date night sounds like great fun. My husband would have liked the music but I'm afraid I would have lasted for half a song ;P

    I just posted your "S" so get your "S" over there!

  4. this is something we only see in the movies...what fun, better than pickled herring and gefilte fish!!

  5. This looks like just the kind of evening I enjoy! But I like to know where I'm going before I start out! :) I will look them up on Youtube. Your sketches are so good and look like exact replicas of the evening. Great fun.

  6. I'm on my way to have a listen to them right now! Looked like a really nice evening outside and all. Lovely!

  7. I have been to this kind of entertainment and love it. There is something kind of personal about a small group.

    Love the sketches also. Good memories of a good time.

  8. Sounds like fun, I'll go check it out.

  9. What a fun night and Lynn those sketches are really, really good!!

  10. Carolyn, we did have fun. Glad you like the drawings...

    Lisa, thanks.

    Lolo, sweet of you...and my S is posted.

    Soul, it was great!

    KJ you are too kind.

    Julie, what did you think?

    Mim, did you like them?

    Teri. Thanks.

    Lynette, you are too kind too.

  11. I have been MIA for so long, so I had some catching up to do. I had so much fun looking back at what you have been doing.
    I know where EL Dorado Hills is. A fun adventure for you and your honey. I love your detailed drawings, they are wonderful. I lived in Placerville while going to High school, it is really beautiful in them hills.
    Hugs, Mary

  12. This sounds like a truly fabulous date night, and the performers don't look all that unlike some of the ones that perform at Windsor Folk.

  13. What a fun night.... I must get back to drawing in my sketchbooks!


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