Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gratitude on Thursday and Calio Cat #2

Cat at the beach plays Little turtle friend slowly
Approaches trustingly
Grateful for blogging friends
Grateful for being given permission to draw
Grateful for the challenge to write in Haiku
Grateful for a request for grand kids to spend the night for TWO NIGHTS on a weekend
next month
Grateful for my good health
Grateful for a husband who thinks of places to go to have fun together
Grateful for beautiful cards and ATCs that arrive in my mail
Grateful for an aunt and uncle who at ninety tell me I'm special and appreciate
when I come to visit
Grateful for the love of family and friends
every day of the week


  1. Wonderful cheerful art...and...We are all grateful for you! :)

  2. This is such a wonderful drawing Lynn. I love how it looks like a piece of cloth. I just want to touch it. I am so grateful for you.

  3. This is Great..and yes I agree..Greatful for you.

  4. You zen/haiku cat is becoming famous Lynn.

    Let me know when you need the sign back and I think you will after that weekend.

  5. Margaret Ann, thank you so kindly.

    Lisa, yes, I see that too. Thanks.

    Cris, ditto.

    Teri, I'll let you know!
    You think so...famous?

  6. Some wonderful things to rejoice. And I agree with Lisa...thought at first that this was fabric!

  7. Lovely lines and bumps, very inspiring for stitch

  8. Very thoughtfull post on gratitude. It should be very much helpfull

    Karim - Mind Power


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