Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday is a Happy Day!

I don't know who told this blog about me, but I have been given this nice award and status on a blog site with other quilters, some who create traditional quilts and some who are art quilters like myself. A neat way for me to meet other quilters!
I'm pleased to be among this "Top 100 Blogs" of quilters Zen Cat #3 This one is dancing on a fence Perhaps to the music of my very own
in-house guitar playing, singing cowboy Lucky me got a beautiful sparkly ATC from Laurel of Studio Lolo
The ATC is the "S" ABC ATC and stands for stamps, sparkles and scrolls! She sent it with this matching card and her wonderful Freda stamp on her envelop to me. Thank you Lolo. And a happy weekend wish to all of you who come here to visit me and leave your wonderful heart warming comments each day. I appreciate you SO MUCH!!!!


  1. I can't believe it's Friday already! Where did the week go? Where did the MONTH go?!
    Hey, is that the model you used for the ABC ATC "O" you sent me? I thought I recognized that beard. LOL!!!! Great ATCs and goodies Lolo sent you too. And you're right, Friday is a happy day!

  2. Congrats on the award. You so deserve it. That Lolo is wonderful. Your Cowboy is cute. I could almost hear the music. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow Lynn, that's quite a recognition!! You totally deserve it. Yay!!

    Glad you like your atc and card. it's weird how the card printed a more yellow tone. I think that's one of my favorite atc's I've done so far :)

    I love the pic of your DH. Sssshh, your secret is safe!

  4. Congrats on the award. Went to a perfect candidate. Thats a really good photo of DH playing the guitar. You captured his essence in that shot. and what can I say about Lolos work. Awesome. Someday I will own something of hers too.

  5. congrats and a happy week end to you.

  6. lovely atcs. and lovely guitar player and lovely you.

  7. Came back to see your blog post again. I was trying to think who that photo of DH reminded me of.. then it hit me. Kenny Rogers.

  8. Stampmaiden, yes, the singing cowboy is also the "O" Oriental ATC model. LOL

    Lisa, yes, he is cute, but I saw him first! ;-)

    Laurel, it is interesting but both look good to me.

    Cris, I am sure Laurel would be happy to trade with you!

    Suki, happy weekend to you too!

    Soul you are too sweet.

    Cris, not sure he sings like K. Rodgers, but I'll pass on the compliment.

  9. Yay! What a nice way to start the weekend...You are very talented and I often tell my non-blogging friends that I live vicariously thru artists like you!

    And of course, Furrydance loves dancing cats of any kind!

  10. I have to tell you that your header is fabulous. It looks loike an acrobat jumping in the middle of a purple parachute.


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