Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Animal Wednesday, Blooming Rainy Tuesday, & Crazy Lynn

Animal Wednesday brings you this green leaf looking creature that visited my car tire sometime last week. So delicate and pretty... she did not want to move... too busy praying maybe? I missed Bloomin' Tuesday yesterday as I am
crazy busy getting ready for the art show in November.
This zen tangle I did a few weeks ago
sort of looks the way I feel.
So many backs to sew on art quilts
labels to make for wall and quilts
embroidery to finish on Seeds Of Hope II
And my grand kids are coming this weekend
you know I can't do it all then....
But I am not complaining
I am enjoying the journey
very very much


  1. LOL...I had to laugh regarding all those mouths, noses, etc in your need tyhat many of everything to do all that you do! I hope you can slow down soon at some point!!!

  2. Your zentangle says more than words could express. Try to have fun with this showing.

  3. Happy Tuesday and HappY animal wednesday! Enjoy, don't overdo, have fun with the kids.

  4. Love the Lyntangle. Sometimes we can feel like that. lol
    I hope you get it all done and enjoy the process too. Enjoy the Grandkids too.

  5. LOL, Lynn, don't ever change!

    Good Luck!!

  6. Have fun with those little sweeties. I know you will...and they will have fun with you both.

  7. Enjoying all the FUN!!

    HBT and HAW!!!

  8. Oh look, a 'walking leaf' (literal translation of the dutch name for it). People over here keep and breed them in terraria and you have them just in the wild.


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