Monday, October 19, 2009

Watercolor Techniques Class on Sunday was FUN!

This very first exercise was a color wheel done in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple to learn complimentary colors and letting paint run into each other so no firm lines are drawn. The other bagel was an exercise in learning to move the paper to let the paint run and give it depth. (or something?...I like how it looks whatever I was supposed to learn from doing it.) I'm too tired right now to go look at my notes. But I am sure I learned something important.
This was the second exercise we did today. We first painted an abstract watercolor across the whole page. Then used a credit card to make lines and move paint around. Then we had a paper cutout window which we used to find sections we liked, drew them and cut them out. Most of the students lined theirs up in nice rows of rectangles. Lynn needs to be "different" so she made a roof on one of hers. There is just nothing to be done with her rebellious self.
We are learning composition here. This was a lesson in letting paint run containing it inside the form of the pencil drawn fish.
And then we learned how to splash water drops on and around the fish. We did the eye last after it was dry and the lips last too. They make it stand out teacher said.
This is part of my paint table and some of my equipment.
This lesson, our last of the day was drawing a tree, masking it off and then using a mouth atomiser to spray paint for the back ground. We did not have time to finish in class so we took them home. The masking tape is pulled off and next I am to paint the tree with watercolors, outline in black some parts and add foreground flowers using watercolor resist crayons.
I liked using the mouth atomiser even though I got dizzy from blowing so hard. You had to blow real hard to get it to work. Where the spots are round I was too close, but I said I did that on purpose. NO mistakes on MY work! LOL
I used the same masking off technique, & spray technique for my W = Wow for Watercolor techniques ATC for our ATC Blog. But also added salt to wet paint and let dry, & scrape off salt with credit card. Then outline letters in black ink (or paint) combining several techniques learned today. (this salt exercise was a repeat from his first watercolor class I took last year).
I have only shown some of the many (25) techniques we learned between 9:30 a.m and 4:30 p.m. on Sunday at the college. "W" = Wow Watercolor Techniques ATC


  1. Hi! I am french and i like your blog. I invit you to my ATC SWAP here :
    I hope you will be with us!
    Have a nice day
    Mama from France

  2. wow. 25 techniques. that's incredible. esp like your fish.

  3. Everything looks good. Looks like you learnt a lot. It will come back to you as you use it. Sorry I am so late today. Having comptuer problems. Everything freezes on me when trying to get to places. :(

  4. This looks so fun!! Very similar to a class that I am teaching myself from a book I bought. I love how all your samples turned out. I have been practicing mine this weekend too, but I'm not showing any of mine except for the one I posted.

  5. 25 techniques! That is a lot to absorb in one class. I hope you are having fun. I like the little house rectangle you did.

  6. What a great, fun looking class. I was ready to do one with a teacher at a nearby art store, but she decided to do it on Saturdays but in the afternoon! No way...that is my grandchild time (if it works out, I MUST be available)!!! I had been hoping she would do a morning class...oh well. One day!!!

    This sounded like a blitz of a class...learing so many techniques all in one day! Will it continue???

  7. Oh, my. Fun? Overwhelming? Tiring? Can't wait to see where you take this one!

  8. I have always wanted to do water color, but have not been brave.
    I love the trip to the vet, it made me laugh because I have pets and they do not like this either.
    Happy Fall, Mary

  9. Oh Lynn,
    This must have been fantastic!
    Those bagels are awesome. I always love colorwheels and this grey bagel is just so perfect, those shades it is really 3D!
    It must be fun to learn new things and techniques.
    And then of course your WOW card, just in one word WOW!

    Have A Nice Day!

  10. Thanks for dropping by Lynn. sorry i am always late.
    Wow! I never use this water colour techniques before. Thanks for sharing, I must try it
    Love the cute fish and indeed your water colour painting is "Wow"!


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