Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grateful Thursday And More From Watercolor Class

Love this Halloween card that Marianne sent me along with two wonderful ATCs!
It sure reminds ME of Henry V probably thinking up a spell to cast on us
and his vet! this is her beautiful Poppy ATC and this one I coveted my Californian Hippie Peace sign and flower and hearts Don't you just love it? I sure do, Thanks Marianne so very much! And our Ms Linda from the ABC blog sent this beautiful card and made me this wonderful V is for Victorious ATC I love all the embellishing she did on this one!
Thank you Linda so much!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Here are a few more exercises from my recent watercolor class
On this one we laid plastic wrap over the painted sky while wet and let it dry on there before removing it and got the interesting lines on the top quarter of this page.
The bottom brush marks are done by using the side of a large brush...they are supposed to
look oriental/Asian but I have to practice more to get the feel and look of this right.
this was the use of salt on wet paint dried and scraped off...
the black lines were painted using a bamboo stick.
This is my masked tree, now unmasked after mouth blowing
spray on the background still needing to be painted
so you might see this one again...some day.
Enjoy your day!
It is almost the weekend!
My grand kids will be with us Friday noon - Sunday Afternoon
My daughter emailed me to say:
The kids are excited. We told them we are going on a "second honeymoon" because they have a story book where the bear cubs go to grandma's house when the parents go out of town for a second honeymoon.


  1. your watercolour class is getting on so well, and ooooh a whole weekend with the grands, enjoy enjoy enjoy.xxxx

  2. This watercolor class is interesting. I really like the first asian style painting. Definitely show us the finished tree. Have fun with your grands.

  3. Well you got lots of great goodies on here. Your watercolor class exercises look like they were fun to do. so much to look at.. will go back and look again. enjoy those Grandkids of yours.. like you wouldnt.. LOL

  4. Fabulous work and brilliant photos. I really enjoyed seeing your work today. You inspire me. One day I'm going to come back and try to follow some of the exercises you explain so well

    Carolyn xx

  5. I think you are doing quite well with these experiments.

  6. What a great class! Those are such fun techniques to do...a wonderful assortment of goodies were certainly coming your way...including the grands! :) Enjoy!

  7. Hilarious. It does look like Henry. I wonder what kind of spell he would cook up.

  8. All your accumulated treasures are beautiful.
    Your watercolor classes sound a lot like the ones I'm doing right now too. When I made the "Mother Nature" page for Mim's book I used crumpled dry tissue paper and some wax paper to get the leaf effect beneath the mountains. It's fun, isn't it? Every time it's different.

    (Hey, my word identification this time is "caties" - cool!)

  9. Marianne does such beautiful work. I love getting something from her.

    You are really learning a lot of fun things in your class.

    Lucky you with the grands visit. I am jealous.


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