Saturday, October 24, 2009

How Blessed Can One Be? Day One of Three

My five year old twin grand children came to visit today for three days. Grand daughter informed me that she had learned to sew string fabric at school and proceeded to show me how she could in fact thread a needle and stitch fabric. She then asked if I could help her make a quilt she could sew herself.
I gave her some random pieces of fabric from my table
she threaded her needle and got to work and this is the quilt she built and sewed all by herself
Later we walked up the road to the park nearby
where my grand son could show off his natural born music talents on these drums
and they could play on all the equipment there
and pose for grandma's camera
once back at the house there was time for more art on the patio
and they proceeded to draw pictures about Shabbat (The Sabbath).
They drew "chicken, challah, wine in a wine glass, candles to be blessed,
and wrote on it: "I love Shabbat"
So sweet. None of this prompted by me.
So I went looking and found my grandmother's candle holders
and my shabbat candles and we lit them at dinner
before eating our chicken.
and after dinner and much giggling and play
grandpa read a book to quiet them down
so we could get ready for bed, baths, and more stories
before falling asleep on the mats on the floor by our bed
I know tomorrow will be another
blessing of a day.
I wish I could give you some of what is in my heart right now.


  1. oh lynnie, i know what is in your heart right now. what a fabulous day, and hows that for quilting? she is a natural like her gran. what bliss it is to be a gran! i am seeing maggster today- they have been away for nearly 3 weeks, have missed her so much. blessings to you all this weekend.

  2. I love the picture of them walking together - that is very precious. Lovely post lynn,

  3. What a heart filled post here Lynn. I am so glad you shared your day full of love and companionship with your Grands. I think you should frame your Grandaughters first quilt. It is beautiful.

  4. Holding hands together, how lovely Lynn. You must feel so proud of them. And how nice that the little girl wants to make fabric art as well.

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  6. That is a cute pix of them walking together. They are so bonded together as twins. Sounds like a great day one. More to come too. Enjoy every second.

  7. I came back to look at the little quilt your GD did. Its amazing how she can thread a needle already and put together something at five. They are five?

  8. What a delightful post Lynn!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend with those 2 cuties!
    I can imagine how you are feeling!

  9. What a wonderful day and such a sweet post. I'm happy you shared it with us. Obviously, the grand has inherited her Gram's quilting genes.

  10. beautiful they are!!! Your granddaughter is so lucky to have grandma be her quilt teacher! WoW! That is just the best! I can hear it in your full of love it is for these two sugar drops!!!

  11. That'll teach me to read your blog backwards!! You've already had the Grandchildren for one day and what a lot you did already. I love the photos, especially the one of Grandpa reading to the children and your foot!! That quilt is lovely, what a talented girl she is already, it must run in the blood. A lovely, heart warming post Lynn.

  12. I loved your posts about your grandchildren's visit. They are such beautiful children. You four a blessed to share each others lives.


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