Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh What A Day It's Been

Day two with grand kids visiting us... The morning was sweet, with kids dressing up in costumes found in the trunk...he's a little devil (but really that's her) and she a princess, and then snow white... Playing with letter blocks and amazing us with the words they can already identify and spell themselves (at just five years of age)... then coloring and drawing; here painting on fabric...the pile of art they have to take home is measured in feet not inches...
And then we took off for the Pumpkin Patch in a town nearby...driving the back country roads, saying hi to cows, and sheep and llamas and even an ostrich!
Grand daughter suddenly got a bloody nose and it bled all over everything...especially her...we hadn't even a hankie in the car to help mop up. So we drove to a grocery store for wipes and towels, tissue and water. The bleeding stopped and we went on. It started again twice more. We stopped it again both times. And were able to enjoy the walk around the huge fields of pumpkins picking out the most unique ones we could find.
I liked that oblong bumpy orange one and Grand daughter chose the one shaped like a star. Grand son took a medium large normal shaped one and then pulled her and the pumpkins in the wagon. We stopped to see the scare crows and walk through the maze of corn.
Some of the pumpkins were so huge to seem like from another planet
And some seemed to be art paintings in the making...
The bleedy nose started again at home and I called the advice nurse at the local
hospital. Learned how to stop it by sitting the child upright, leaning forward, not back (as
we did when my kids were little), pinching her nose closed for ten minutes and having her
breathe through her mouth; blowing out the blood clots there too. And luckily so far it has not
started up again. Whew. Not the fun part of the day that is for sure.
That taken care of more art was made, drawings, sewings, music played on drum and guitar and toy piano; books read, dinner made and eaten; pjs on, teeth brushed, more stories read,
and finally both are in bed.
DH and I are ready for a month of sleep!
We are pooped!
But I'm glad we still have them for more time tomorrow before the parents arrive
in the afternoon.
Grandparent isn't for's not always easy, but it sure is a blessing.


  1. Sounds like a fun day, except for the nosebleeds. I got them as a kid - terrible ones, but got over it. No tilting your head back anymore, no, no!
    Great pictures Lynn, we had such rain here yesterday that it's great to see sunshine

  2. Hi Lynn

    I enjoyed your post so much, seeing the beautiful grandkids in their costumes, those whopping pumpkins and the gorgeous scarecrow. What a lovely time you had :o) Hope you have a lovely Sunday

    Carolyn ♥

    ps. having a little giveaway if you want to pop over

  3. what a fabulous day, and fabulous photos, and happy kids. the thing about these nose bleeds is that we adults hate them more than the kids do. well done gran, tee hee you will sleep for a month after this. these are memories these kids will cherish forever and that's the best you can give them. the great thing about twins, is they have each other as constant companions.

  4. What does Henry V have to say about these little visitors?

  5. Lots of fun things going on with the kids. Some great photos too.
    Bummer about the nose bleeds. I hope thats it till the parents claim them again. Enjoy the last day.

  6. What a fun glorious day from beginning to end with a nose bleed tucked in between. They are beautiful children Lynn.

  7. I am surprised to hear from you while they are there. It does take a lot of energy to entertain the Grands. It looks like they had lots of fun.

  8. wow Lynn, how busy you both were with your 2 lovely grandchildren. I bet they adore coming to stay with you. Such a pity about the nose bleeds though but well done for getting the advice and sorting it out.

    I love the photos and those pumpkins are just amazing. Halloween isn't a big thing here in Ireland.

  9. Love your photos, sure brings fall to life. I see the little white tissue in your granddaughters hand. Nose bleeds always scared me when I was a kid.
    The pumpkins are so big!

  10. That first picture...... so awesome.
    Haha can imagine you are exhausted after those days, but what a fun time it has been. Great memories for both of you and the kids will cherish the music making and all the fun activities!

    Now you take a deserved rest! ;)


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