Monday, October 26, 2009

Day Three, No Blood, Lots of Fun, and We are Exhausted!

Day three started really well. The kids and I slept beautifully well. Henry V has been too scared to enter the house with the kids here for some reason (they have a cat and pose no threat, but Henry does not know that) he woke Dad up at 2 a.m. to be let in and at five again to be let out.
The kids enjoyed bacon and eggs for breakfast, and toast and organic apricot jam.
The sweet place mats they are eating on have the names of my children imprinted on them.
Their mother and uncle. I had them write their names and tape them over the original names.
First they removed the names taped on of my older set of grand kids now 16 and 19 yrs old.
History in the making.A lot of music got played today. Grand son loved my drum so much
I told him I'd give it to him for Chanukah.
Grandpa sang and played and made up songs with the kids names in them.
In the afternoon lunch was served picnic style out of doors in the back yard.
The dolls had a sun bath. Then grand daughter played a solo over her ice cream for dessert.
It was hard to keep them out in the sun today.
They came in after lunch and made art at the little table: stamping and drawing, writing
in English and Hebrew. They are learning Hebrew at school and their vocabulary is growing after only less than one month of school. Pretty soon they will know more than I do.
Grandpa and Grand son enjoyed a football game together.
DH just melts when A. cuddles up to him this way. And he does a lot.
He's very very fond of his grandpa.
And then of course they played more music together in the later part of the day.
The parents came to get them around four p.m.
I have to tell you we did not cry when they left.
Frankly we are exhausted.
We loved the time with them
but I won't crash and burn this time.
I will wait patiently until our next time together
but not hearing "grandma do this, grandma give me that" for a while
will be a much needed rest.
I need to rest up for next time. And now Grandpa can finally get to his two boxes of student notebooks
to grade.
I think I'll go to bed early! Happy Cactus Monday
I promise to get back to Cactus drawings soon.


  1. Oh, I remember those days so well. I was always exhausted after the kids left, not that they are so much work, it's just that you can never be just in your own head when they are around.
    So DH is a lefty? I've got one of those also

  2. It sounds like you Had a lot of fun. Can imagine you being pooped, it has not beem that long ago that my children were five year olds.

  3. What a fun, if exhausting, time. I remember those times with my Grands. You realize what a quiet life you lead after they depart.

  4. have all of this ahead of me with maggie (not sure that hebrew and bacon are supposed to go together, giggle)...oh dear having to do school work afterwards is tedious. great weekend for the kids and YOU, more wonderful memories.

  5. couple aside notes: Grandpa is left handed. ooops I see Mim noted that too. Yeah for lefties. I own a tapestry of the same ilk as the one you have hanging behind the couch. Also, those are BIG bowls of icecream. And you can sit outside still. Wow. Anyway,sounds fabulous.

  6. Poor Henry. Jasper used to be terrified as well whenever my nephew came over, but he seems to be okay with him now.

  7. Precious pictures!
    Poor hubby, after 3 exhausting days he has to do more work


  8. What great pictures to show how the weekend went. Glad you had so much fun. so now you can collaps.. oops.. No you cant. you have work.. well tonight you can. :))

  9. Mim, DH can use both hands and uses them differently. I think he throws a baseball with his right hand. Writes with his left.
    Believe me I did a lot of getting up and down with the kids and my body is telling me so today. But it was all worth it.

    Margeeth, it was tons of fun.

    Lisa, I relished the quiet today. And they are not noisey kids.

    Soul, bacon and Hebrew go together just fine when you practice Reform Judism. ;-)

    Suki the sun continues to shine here and it's warm out...we enjoyed it all weekend. The ice cream bowls were not THAT big...LOL

  10. I've just read the last 3 blogs from the 1st to last and smiled....hard work, eh??
    I've spent the last MONTH minding 3 children in the afternoon when their mother was at work...I'm not saying anymore Lynn, just, I know where you're coming from..
    Geoff was coming home to a wreck every evening.
    Well done, I'm sure it's more rewarding when they are your flesh and blood.
    Take care and enjoy your well deserved rest.
    Thank you also for your lovely unexpected gift.

  11. What a beautiful post...sweet memories for sure...your photos brought a tear to my eye...Such tender moments... (I must admit I cried the most though seeing DH grading the student notebooks...major memory trip back in time for me...UGH! so glad I am retired!!!)


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