Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seeds Of Hope II on Bloomin' Tuesday

My felted woolly bits flowers have made it onto a larger artsy wall hanging
31" X 31 1/2" in size. It is top sewn free motion style, hand embroidered and beaded
There are easily 1000 beads hand sewn to this piece! She is ready for her debut at my Art Show in November! Happy Bloomin' Tuesday to all


  1. How gorgeous! Love all the little bits of color!

  2. oh my! this is just unbelievably sectacular. I dont know how you do such amazing work! yoooooo are soooooo talented! have I said this before???

  3. 1000 long did that take you??
    It's so happy and bright!! I love it!!

  4. totally amazing. I love the way there are parts that stick up, parts that lay back, layers you can see. and all those beads. Zounds. This is going to be a great show!!!!!!

  5. I wish I could see all that detail up close. It is great in a photo I can just imagine how wonderful in person.

  6. You out did yourself on this piece. I love it. it should be the hit of the show. Very pretty and colorful. Its amazing how you just do something from an idea and go with it till you have something fantastic.

  7. this is the best one ever (i know i know i say that every time) 1000 beads, you are a marvel, what a beauty.

  8. Oh Lynn, no need to tell you I LOVE this piece.
    Wonderful mandala flower with gorgeous colors!

    Have a nice day!

  9. Lovely Lynn. I like the mosaique patern of the 'flowers'. And the way you made layers.


  10. Thanks Julie and Messyfish

    Jude I did the beads over several evenings while watching TV. It was very relaxing and enjoyable to do.

    Suki, thanks. I love the textures the layers make too.

    Lisa, yes, it's fun to touch it.

    Cris, is fun to see how it evolves.

    Soul, I love that you love my art.

    Marianne, so glad you like the mandala flavor to this one.

    Correnya, I like the mosaic look too. Was such fun to do.

  11. Beauteous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love all the colors.


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