Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kids Say The Darnest Things

Remember when Art Linkletter used to collect cute things kids said? Well this weekend was chock full of such funny or not so funny things: Like when my grand daughter looked at me and very seriously announced: "You are old." "You are going to die. Probably when I am thirteen." Later while the two of them were playing together one said to the other: "Let's pretend you die and then I make you alive again." On a lighter note my grand son announced in a very delighted voice that: "I like when we come here because we do lots of art projects!" There was the to be expected large number of requests such as: "Grandma knit Mono (the monkey) a blanket with this yarn." Or "I want to sew a quilt. Or "I love your drum, I want it!" Or referring to my toys: "What can I take home?" I was quite a bit disconcerted when my five year old grand daughter said while I was brushing her thick, rich, lovely long hair: "I wish I had straight hair!" (already at five???) And my favorite of the day, while playing under the "!" mono print art quilt on the wall my grand daughter looked up at it and said pointing: "That is very very beautiful."
I know there were more and I will share them as I remember them.And just so you know I was there too: Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. They really do come out with some doozey's don't they. I think I've told the story of when my 3 year old nephews told me about how babies were conceived. I still giggle about it to this day,


  2. Yes, children say the darnedest things. I remember the Linkletter segement on tv. It was always so funny. HAW.

  3. I loved that Art Linkletter thing, there was a book he wrote of the same name. Your kids are so cute and funny. How wonderful you make note of their sayings.

  4. Yes I rememeber Art Linkletters show. loved it. I said a few things funny and something once in front of people that my Mom wanted to crawl under the table for. Oops.. LOL You really have to watch what you say in front of the little ones. lol

  5. Interesting conversations!!

    They do have lots to say...I hear my daughter come up so many talks that astonish me.

    HAW, Lynn.

    Thanks for ur visit...I am very glad!

  6. Arn't kids the greatest?!! They sure know you and your creativity!

  7. Hello Lynn! Nowadays, your posts mainly shared about your grandchildren.
    I appreciate your record your their creative moves, creations and innocent photos.
    They are just your and I...everyone's sweetie pie!

    Sorry to drop by late. I do care to read your posts although i came late.
    Tale care, I hope you have a great day.
    Happy day and make a wish Lynn!
    Same to your grandchildren, ask them to read my latest entry and make a wish OK!
    Bye from Malaysia:):):)

  8. ooh yes i do remember linkletter's show, never missed one. and i love these sayings. my eldest asked me when he was 5 'when you die, can i have your car?'. now he is 38 and doesn't even driev a car. you look so good considering how tired you were.did i say, i am thrilled about your show, if i said it already then i am saying it again.


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