Thursday, October 29, 2009

ATCs On Grateful Thursday

These first ATCs came from my cousin Amy (my daughters age/born on the same month and year)...Amy is an art teacher in the school system in Colorado! She was sweet telling me I had inspired her to sew on her ATCs!!! This is her name for me (my family and closest friends use this nickname)
Lots of ribbons and layers of paper with sparkles!
Thanks Amy!
This wonderful ATC came all the way from Ireland and Gina (BT) for our W = Wacky Wellingtons
on our ABC Blog. Thanks Gina
Lots to be grateful for this week:
Three days of grand kid fun
Ten people have told me they will be coming to my art show reception
I don't have the flu
The weather is turning fall like in No. CA
We have reservations for a weekend get away in December
I'm almost done with all the art show prep work
I have many blog and in the flesh friends
I have an art date with a friend for Friday
My cat loves me
I have a cute DH
Life is good


  1. Its always nice when people say that one is inspired by our work/art. They are lovely.

  2. I love this post. It is so you. Yes you do have lots to be thankful for and you deserve it. lovely art work by your relative. I forgot which one and cant go back to see right now.

  3. Nice to read all the wonderful things in your life. Happy weekend.

  4. It all sounds good!!!!!
    Hold on to this feeling
    Your show will be great and lovely atc's you got!

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. I just said to Marianne, what did we ever do before ATcs and so many friends to be thankful for.

    I just discovered that my Macbook automatically does a spell check on EVERYTHING I write; here, blogs, everywhere. Perhaps you should investigate. teehee.

  6. I'm late with this question since you've mentioned your 'DH' so many times ... but what does DH stand for? I know MIL is Mother In Law. IS DH Dear Heart? Devoted Husband? Duplicate Henry?

  7. Elspeth you are too funny. When I write DH I am thinking dear husband.

    Teri, you got them there on the spellcheck thingy...yes I need it!
    I don't know what I did before blogging, its all a blur, I wonder if I even had a life then???

    Marianne, thanks about the encouragement for the show. I am feeling excited about it again and very positive.

    Suki thanks and happy weekend to you too.

    Cris thanks and cousin Amy made the ATCs and Gina too.

    Soul you are too sweet.

    Lisa glad you think so too.

    Deepa, thanks and yes it is!

  8. Yes, it is a wonderful life, I am so glad to be here at this time and place. It's raining, it's snowing! Hugs, mary

  9. Ok, now I know what it means. But my guesses weren't too far off.


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