Sunday, October 4, 2009

Drawing at Home and At the Hair Salon

emphasis on pose of hand on head
emphasis on feet
A very strange man in my living room
Another man in my living room
Henry V snoozing on my lap
Calico Cat Zenning
woman having her hair washed
Self portrait in the mirror at the salon
while having color put on my hair
Oy, noticing aging process
Double OY!
Women getting their hair done at the Salon
on Saturday


  1. Lots of sketching going on. Good for training the hand and eye. I dont think that looks like you tho. Those lights in beauty shops are murder. They should outlaw them. LOL Very good feet, DH & Henry and I feel I could 'see' what the other women looked like at the beauty shop. Love the calico cat. Keep on sketching

  2. Nice sketches Lynn.

    You are keeping yourself busy with lots of artworks:)

  3. Lynn, I love these sketches, something I would love to do, I am lucky to do a little doodling here and there...lines and boxes.
    The dressmakers are 12 inches tall. They are really not my thing but they where growing old in a box waiting to be done. They will go to Bazaar, we will see what happens. I will be on my bike today. Slow but sure. Thank You for caring. Big Hugs, Mary

  4. Nice sketches Lynn ... It's a nice way to pass the time in a beauty shope. Thanks for stoping by my blog and I'm still trying toget better. Now Mikaela is sick with the flu:(
    take care

  5. All these sketches are great Lynn, but the lady getting her hair washed cracked me up. Are you sure our hubbies are not related? I never sketch him, I'm afraid of the results.

    I love your calico zens.

  6. Teri, did that strange man in my livingroom look like your DH? I wondered who that was. I tell him they aren't supposed to LOOK LIKE who I am drawing, it's an exercise...more about the lines in general I think.Or we can always say its a characture.

    Efrat, thanks, and do get well quickly, daughter too.

    Mary, keep peddling and do try drawing, it's amazing how practice improves.

    Deepa, yes, I am, thanks.

    Cris, thanks so much. I hope it doesn't look like me either. OY.

  7. OMG, I love Calico Cat Zenning. Gorgeous dahlink.

  8. I love these illios. I have one of those strange men in my livingroom too. Eyeballs stuck to the tv. I will have to post my similar drawing. tee hee....

    Love your kitty picutres. I have tried a self portrait before. Too darn funny. She sort of looks like she goes with the strange fellow on our sofa. tee hee...


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