Monday, October 5, 2009

Art Class Drawing and Is This a Mandala

Happy Cactus Monday ... a part of an earlier art quilt
My drawing class was a week ago yesterday. This first exercise was about cross overs. I can see my mistakes well here and in the drawings I posted yesterday too. At least I am seeing them. Hopefully the next step is in correcting them. This exercise was in proportions contour drawing of my own hand contour drawing of a class mate the black above the eye was another mistake it should have been just water on a cue tip to get shading from the ink not India ink ditsy me not listening to directions well I think this may have been blind drawing with just a bit of sneak a peek same classmate...contour drawing big sneak a peeks I brought my little water color kit to class so painted it at lunchtime last exercise at the end of the day of 3 quickly done contour drawing of two classmates and the teacher, he is the guy at the bottom.
On Sunday I felted using my felting machine
I see this is a mosaic of woolly bits
and now it's a flower too
I have made three more and one to go
for a quilted wall hanging to be
a whole bouquet!
Here are the woolly bits... I bought from Terry Busse's Etsy Store!
and then I used my sewing machine to outline parts of it
Is this in anyway a mandala?


  1. YES in EVERY WAY!!!!!!
    Just so lovely! Love those colors!
    I always call you a wizard and this proves it!

    The cactus is wonderful as well!
    And you are really practising all kind of techniques! Creativity in abundance!


  2. I could do with following your drawing exercises myself. Awareness is the first step to drawing, the more you do it the more you see. I haven't done any drawing for ages, you inspire to have another go!


  3. yes and what a beauty it is too. i love what you are drawing, wish i were there with you.

  4. The lady in the picture on the left looks a little like Soul.

    I love your cactus. I agree with Marianne too. I love the mandalas.

  5. Great mandala's. and drawing exercises. I have done those too in a drawing on the right side of the brain class I took years ago. Love the cactus too.

  6. Lynn, I LOVE your cactus with the little colored spangles, what a fantastic work and your contour sketches are really good too!

  7. the drawing class sounds so fun. and your other quilting works, as usual, charming and vibrant

  8. Wonderful art pieces Lynn!!
    You never stop...thank goodness ;)

  9. I have a feeling one day I'll commission something quilted from you. I love the little small ones as well - I can't remember what you call them.

  10. Looks like a mandala to me! Have fun in the drawing class. :)

  11. Thanks all. So nice to hear your lovely comments here today.
    Marianne and Kelly thanks for validating this as being a mandala! This leads me where i need to go for a new quilt project.
    Elspeth, that would be wonderful, and the little ones are called ATCs or Artist Trading Cards. They are to TRADE!!!!

  12. Yes this is a Mandala. And I love the are having too much fun...Happy Fall, Mary

  13. Your class sounds like fun and you are learning when you can see your mistakes and learn from it.

    Great mandala!!!!


  14. Some awsome work here, Lynn. Where do you get all this energy from!!!

    So many works...speed rate???

    Great woolly mandala and a great cactus!

    HCM, Lynn!

  15. Well I guess I'll have to make an ACT. Are they all made of cloth and what are the specs? I never paid attention to those details. I'll email you.

  16. Happy Belated Cactus Monday.
    Both cactus and mandala looks good!
    You are very creative and I wish i have so much time for creation.


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