Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Felted Blooming Tuesday and A Plug For My Art Venues

A flower garden is growing here using felted woolly bits...
It will be a quilted art wall hanging... click to see details enlarged
Making these flowers first on my felting-embellishing machine is such a
meditative process...I go into an altered state of consciousness while I choose little bits of color
and add them one at a time, let the machine pound the wool into the cotton backing and know
what I am making only once it is done.
It then goes to my sewing machine where I top sew it free floating style and around the outer edges with a satin stitch.
A few more stems and leaves to go...however I could see myself going quite crazy with this and making even more and more flowers!
Want a mug or t-shirt with this ARTYSOULSISTERS picture on it? I have added the mug to my Zazzle store. You can see the Zazzle panel on my side bar now.
If you want this on a different product let me know and I will add it to the store. Or if you would like to see any of my other art on a product tell me that and I will add it to the store as well.
Holidays are just around the corner and maybe you want to add some of my art to your gift list for YOURSELF or your friends or family! I do not make huge sums on Zazzle. But it is a fun way to share art if you are interested.
I also sell my art on photo cards that I send to you directly or from my ETSY store. I will be adding Calico Cats soon to that venue. Absolutely no pressure to buy from me. It's fun being an Internet shop keeper but I will eat whether I sell or not. LOL Not a starving artist.
I do support others ETSY stores and Zazzle shops as well.
I like supporting others hand made art. Free Art for Trade: ATCs on my ATC Blog...get there via my sidebar.


  1. The garden surely would be one of wonder..

    Every work of yours is really good, Lynn.

    Happy Blooming Tuesday!

  2. These flowers are really beautiful, I imagine creating them would be engrossing indeed!

  3. these bits of felt make lovely flowers.

  4. Your flowers are really cute and will make a fun wall quilt. I LOVE your Drawing of all the soulsisters together.

  5. these are all so mandalaish and so lovely, your world is juat such a happy one. love the much? here i go again!

  6. These are so neat Lynn! I can 'hear' how much you enjoyed doing them. And you know how I love all kinds of flowers.


  7. Happy Blooming Tuesday Lynn. Your garden of felted flowers is growing marvelously.

  8. They look good Lynn. First you made a beautiful mandala and now the technique found a new form. Eh... you found a new form. Wonderful how you let creativity go its own way.

  9. Thanks all. So glad you enjoy my flower garden which continues to grow.

    Soul see the cup and/or tshirts on the zazzle store on my side bar for prices. I think the cup is a mere $12.95 (of which I get a whole $1.30) LOL But fun to have, yes? I want one too.

  10. Oh...My...God!!!!
    Lynn, these are amazing!!!!!!. I am so taken with these flowers. I know you ordered more wooly bits, but I do have huge chunks of wool pieces I would be happy to send you for free. They aren't cut into bits but I am happy to share. I will just pop in some big wool chunks - knowing you will turn them into beauty. seeing the scraps of projects become projects in their own right... beautiful work.

  11. what amazes me most in your artworks is the choice of material, patterns and colors...

    these flowers are so beautiful!

    my dearest Lynn... i'd like also to thank you for your heart-warming and encouraging comments... they mean a lot to me... you are a gem!


  12. I adore the flowers. Wow! Can't wait to see the whole thing put together.

    And YOU GO Girl with your marketing! I should take a lesson from you. I think Mim has been my only bloggy customer. Luckily the people are finding me somehow :P

    One day I'll be able to shop at my friends places...soon!

  13. Terry, thank you so very much. I love turning your woolly bits into creations and I think of you often while felting them. I appreicate that you have these bits to offer so sale so reasonably and your extras are greatly appreciated and I will use them all.

    Human Being, I am glad you like these and thanks for coming by. So good to hear from you!!!!

    Lolo, yes I like the turn around with using money I make selling art to buy art and art supplies from other bloggers.

  14. These flowers are amazing! I can hardly wait to see them all together. I will go take a peek at your other things, I understand making a dollar.
    Lynn, Thank you for reading my little story. Your comment touched my very soul. We all have a story.
    Love, Mary

  15. I am really enjoying your artwork Lynn. Your flowers are beautiful. I'm glad your brother is doing okay after his trip to the dentist.


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