Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Henry's A Little Bit Peeved At Me Lately

Here Henry is on top of my basket of batting that I use in my art quilt creations. I have since put a towel over the batting to keep it from being covered in cat fur.
And here his majesty sits next to the patio table out back on sleeping pads that are supposed to be going to Good Will. He often sits here while I paint at this table.
Why is Henry so peeved?
Well, I have recently once again banished him from my bedroom. He was happy when we got home from summer vacation to once again be sleeping on my bed and having his late night window seat to see outside while I slept. However, he soon began his terrible cat antics of banging on blinds, jumping from window to my feet under the covers, back to the blinds, until I was wide awake at three in the morning or two or one or four. No, no more of that Henry, I now close my door to him. I have set up a little basket bed outside my door and we will see if he wants to be pacified by sleeping there.
Another stupid cat trick he just pulled on me was this one: He comes in from the backyard, through the back door I have left open for him. He comes up to me at the computer and meows loudly. I stop typing, bend down and pet him. He goes and claws at the rug, which he knows he is NOT supposed to do, He has a box for that. He comes back to me again and meows loudly. Okay I get it you want SOMETHING. I get up to check his food. No, there is plenty of food. I rattle it around a bit to show him, lots of food in this bowl. He meows again and walks into the living room, as now he has my FULL ATTENTION. Ah, do you want to go OUT THE FRONT DOOR?
Yes, he wants to go out the FRONT DOOR. Can he get to the front of the house from the backyard? You bet your bottom dollar he can. But does he do that? Oh no, he comes in and gets me up from my spot at the computer and gets me to go to the door in front to let him OUT.
Who is running the show here you say?
Well I guarantee you Henry IS NOT sleeping in my bedroom tonight or anymore and of that I am SURE!
Happy Animal Wednesday
And my mosaic flowers now have some stems and leaves!!!


  1. That Henry is such a clever cat. He will be back in the bedroom in no time no doubt. HAW.

  2. That is an adorable Cat zen. lol
    Oh yes cats will be cats wont they? Mine do antics like that too. Except they dont go outside. I feed the birds and dont want my cats eating them. You have to show them who is boss. But They know they are.. LOL

  3. Funny. Jasper does something similar with the front door. He can get out to the front of the house (and back in again) through the window but every now and then he plants himself in front of the door and cries until I let him out ... or in.

  4. HAHAHA!!!!!
    This is a fun post!
    So recognizable!
    I love that Henry he has such a look my Troelie has too.
    LOVE the cattangle!
    The flower power ATC is yours, I must go and pick one from your blog, but it is so late already......

    Happy Animal Wednesday!
    And pet his majesty from me

  5. henry is so cute and funny. love the zentangle.

  6. LOLOL...Henry looks and ACTS just like my Baby cat! Same old stuff. Amazing! Yesterday he came in front door, ate a few bites then meowed and scratched until he could be put out the back door, then 30 minutes later...meowed at front door, and same old thing...wanted to go back out back door again! This cat is gonna be the death of me! He also wakes up at 4am every night and wakes the dog and they both make me nuts till I get up and let Baby out. Oh goodness!!!!!
    Good luck with putting Henry outside your bedroom cat scratches along bottom edge of door and cries till you have to get up anyway...sometimes I seriously start to consider other options!!! LOLOL!!!!! :)

  7. P.S. Love, love, love your cat zentangle!!!!!

  8. When are you going to figure out that Henry is the boss!!! teehee

    Love your cat zentangle!



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