Thursday, October 8, 2009

So Much To Be Grateful For Thursday

I have a lot to be grateful for this week. My first thank you goes to Henry V our cat. As you know from reading my post from yesterday (Animal Wednesday) Henry has been banished from my bedroom. I put this little basket out in the hallway across from my bedroom door. I put some of my dirty clothes in it so he can smell me. And lo and behold he slept in this new bed all day long. He was there when I went to work this morning and I could see his ears peeking over the top of the basket when I came home this evening. Good sleep Henry? Good for you!!!I took a walk at noontime today and wound up at the thrift store where I found these great finds. You know me and good deals. I got a nice roll of batting that I use in almost all my art work, a huge piece of lime green fleece that will work well in my current project, as will the light brown bumpy corduroy (great I think for felting) AND a box with lots of little envelopes of beads.
Everything was 25% OFF too! This was a find at a garage sale last weekend.
I scooped it up because my mother hung prints of paintings by this artist in my room
when I was a baby and I REMEMBER THEM!!!!
Continuing my thank yous: This really beautiful textural ATC
came to me from Corryna in the Netherlands.
The gold squares shine! It is so nice to feel and see.
Thank you Corryna.
Corryna has beautiful things she makes in textile art
on her blog here.
Lisa sent me this cute, cute Green Toad
for our "T" = toad on our ABC blog.
Lisa is an exceptional artist in paint and drawing!
You can see more of Lisa's wonderful art here. Thank you Lisa, I love it.
I won this book from Suki's Blog give away.
I started reading it last night Suki and it looks real
good. Right up my alley.
Thanks so much.
Suki publishes her art and photography here. The book came with this cute card.
The artist of this card is
Cindy Hendrick
Alstead, NH 03602
I ordered some MORE woolly bits from Terry Busse's ETSY store and they arrived the next day!!! Look at all these earthy colors! This huge bag full was extras she threw in for me. See the three plastic bags on the right side of this big box? That is what I ordered. Cut up pieces of wool for my flowers and stems in my most recent art project. I'd already gone through three such bags. See all the other wonderful LARGE pieces of fabric ALSO in the box? She just threw those in for me for free! Thank you Terry for your speedy shipment, the goods I ordered and your incredible generosity of all the extras you sent my way. I will use it all over time I am sure. You can see Terry's wonderful Textile Art here. And visit her ETSY store too while you are there. Thank you so much. Now you know why I am so grateful this week (again). I am almost to capacity for photo use on Blogger. I am up to about 98% of allowable space. Anyone know how to connect to pay for more space? I fear I will suddenly be unable to upload photos. Will they tell me I have to pay now? Will they send me a bill? How does this work at this junkture? Anyone know? Please support our local artists in blogland!


  1. are you still loading full size photo's and not reducing the size? Ask Teri about this, she's our maven

  2. Thank you so much for the link love. I am glad you like your toads. I can feel your excitement regarding the box of inspiration that came. I will be watching for the art that comes from that box of cloth. I know it will be amazing. I am glad to hear that Henry is adapting to his basket outside the bedroom. Nothing better than a good nights sleep.

  3. oh thats lucky your cat is loving his new bed!, and all your bits to sew with are amazing. I bet you have a big stash? And I remember the froggies in the flowers painting. You are lucky to own it!! It reminds me of the tropics...

  4. so neat that henry loves his little bed. a friend gave me a cat bed that her cats didnt like. i set it out to see who would sleep in it if anyone. Bibbity loves it and i'm glad though she also sleeps on my bed sometimes.

    glad bk arrived. love seeing your wonderful treasures from friends and from that fab thrift store.

    received yr book pages (and Mim's) y'day. Hmm. this is a challenge.

  5. Oh wow.. so many goodies. You must love getting your mail. So many neat things to comment on so I will enclude everything as wonderful. Oh and I remember those paintings from that book now. Didnt recongnize the name but do the paintings.

  6. Lucky you Lynn!!!
    So many things to be thankful for!
    Who made that card with the beavers?
    Lynn I still have to mail my things but I am so behind with everything, but I will this week!

    have a nice day and give henry a hug from me!
    Hope Sjimmie and he will get along!


  7. Some of you asked for the artists name of the card Suki sent me. I have put it in the post above. Her name is Cindy Hendrick and her URL is

  8. oooh like the wool.
    wordveri: toxlverm (thats how i feel today).

  9. Wonderful stuff today Lynn! That cache will last you a long time, maybe not though because you're the busiest little artist I know!

    Aw, Henry. Banished? I should do that with Bliss so I can sleep through the night. She's killin' me. Now she's found a good box in my closet that I've put her cushion on. She loves it!

    Happy TT. You deserve everything you get!!

  10. Love those Henry stories and he looks so completely bored. And cute.

    As for the photos, and I assume you are using Picasa, go to the web photos and remove some. It frees up your space and they remain on your pc. I just had to do that also and have never paid for anything.

  11. Teri, you are so smart. Now if I can only remember this. I will copy it out and glue it to my computer. I did this and got it down to 89%. I will do more later.
    Wow. And I was willing to start paying. I did not get the connection at first between picasa even though that is where I upload my photos. Duh!!! Did not realize the storage place. Oy, live and learn, ask and learn. Thanks so much.

  12. you're a step ahead of thanksgivng here in canada with this post...

    thought I'd pass one back to you...

    thank you lynn for always taking of your time to read so many blogs and to be a real hub of the arts community here... I appreciate your spirit and your constant smile!



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