Friday, October 9, 2009

Gratefulness is Bleeding Over To Friday

I recently made this purchase of an ATC KIT from my young cousin Amy's ETSY store. Amy is an artist and an art teacher in the Colorado area. She just opened her store and I had the honor of being her very first customer. The URL to her store is: Queenie's Fabulous ATC Kits by etsy aei on ETSY Queenie's Fabulous ATC Kits by etsyaei on Etsy
I can't wait until it's my turn to make Lolo's (of Studio Lolo) pages of her artysoulsisters traveling sketchbook ... can't you just see all these wonderful pieces coming together just for her?
How tickled was I today to find feedback at MY ETSY store from the woman who bought this art quilt:
I wasn't aware of the "conversations" on ETSY until I stumbled on them today and found her words there.
She said "oh my gosh, this piece is such a BEAUTY, i can't stop holding/looking at it. it is bringing me joy!!!!thank you so much!!!!"
Yes, that really really made my day! I'll be taking my brother to the dental surgeon today
to have a tooth removed. My turn to play Nurse Curity!


  1. how wonderful to get this reaction to your quilt. and aren't you a dear to collect raven images for Lolo. Hope tooth pulling goes well. I had one done and really the most unpleasant part was the after effects of the anaesthsia.

  2. O-M-G !!!!!!!!

    I can't wait to see what you do with these "oh so Lolo" images!

    I'm honestly drooling ;)

    Wish you could have joined us this weekend Lynn. Up until 5 minutes ago I thought I'd have to cancel because we got a notice to MOVE OUT last night because she wants to list the house this weekend.

    I'm just going to go anyway and smile through the rain!

  3. Oh yes that is OH SO LOLO. Thats the first thing that popped into my head. Nice to get that feed back on things you sell or give away. It keeps us going. Thats what its all about, making people happy.

  4. BTW.. when do YOU get your Tooth pulled. Is this a family thing? lol

  5. Lynn,

    I tried finding your cousins shop. Can you send me the link. I searched on what you posted to no success.



  6. Kate, I reposted the URL to AMY's ETSY store above. Its in orange now and will take you to the store. I see that she replenished her store with another of the kits she sold me. it's FAB go for it. Or one of the others or two or three!!! Amy Rocks!!!

  7. What a gorgeous quilt, I can see why she loves this so much!
    Lynn, your ATC arrived and it's gorgeous and I LOVE it lots...what a great idea to do a trade, thanks so much!!

  8. Isn't that funny, I thought LOLO right away.

    Great reaction to your quilt! Good for Lynn's soul.


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