Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day of Family Surgery; Painted Fabric for Felted Flowers; ATC from Lynette; Felted Woolly ATC for Marianne

My brother survived his dental surgery just fine today. I had a good time in his town (Berkeley) visiting a thrift store on the day of it's annual jewelry sale. I found this bundle of beads some from Morocco, some from China, some Egyptian, some metal, all wonderful. A ton at a very very very good price too. While waiting for the surgery to get done I did this zentangle and he got out of there before I finished it!
I also drew a few others waiting their turn for the doctor to call them in.
When I got home I got my paints out and painted fabric for the background of my
flower wall hanging.
I love that the paint on the table is so pretty. I haven't cleaned it up either. I may just leave it. Then I called my neighbor friend, Donna, over to see what I had done.
She gave me very good feed back.
Donna is a painter and knows about colors.
She showed me how my green stems were getting lost
in the green background I had painted. How it needed more orange
and rust.
she also said the sky could use some maroon and orange to pop the flowers
out more. (I think she said orange...she told me how to look at the color wheel to
find complimentary colors. I need to do that).
I just painted by the seat of my pants. Blue for sky, green for earth,
Without giving any thought to how it would go with the flowers.
But I get what she is saying and will play around with it
and see if I can fix this.
Then I got this delightful trade
from Lynette today in the mail.
She made this using real flowers and leaves.
Isn't it pretty?
I just love it.
Thanks Lynette!!!
So glad we traded too.
She made this sweet envelop for the card out of paper
which she folded to hold it.
I recently asked friend Marianne to trade ATCs with me. She had one on her blog that looked very California Hippie and I felt it was calling out to me. So I asked for it. Since I was in the mode of making mandala-like fiber art and Marianne is the Queen of Mandalas, I whipped up this little ATC sized wool and lace felted mandala (like) ATC for Marianne. The second picture is the back of the ATC. I like how the felted fibers show through to the other side in a more pastel way and how the red metallic threads from my bobbin brighten up the back.
Yes, per my style, it goes a little bit out of the exact correct size of the ATC box!
That's me
less than perfection
that's how you know it is
art by lynn


  1. LOVE the new header, it is fabadabadoolishus. glad the surgery went well, love all you are doing, always have, always will. i am feeling less 'blue' today.xx

  2. You are lucky to have an artist friend that can give you some pointers. However I think your art is marvelous. You have a great eye and a prolific spirit. It seems that my art ebbs and then flows. I am always amazed at how much you accomplish and you work!

  3. I have said it before and I will say it again but you are one lean mean creating machine. lol You do so well just flying by the seat of your pants. It was nice of Donna to tell you the secret to good color but you do have a sense about it all on your own. You are drawing or doing something all the time now. Kudos. Glad your Bro is doing ok.

  4. These flowers are so cute. Will this all become another quilt? I see all the painted fabric squares and I'm wondering where this is headed. I like the look of it all.

    Love your atc from Lynnette. I need to see about getting one of my own. They are really cute. So is the one from Marianne.

  5. Glad your bro's surgery went well, what a good sister you are.
    Lovely flowers and great advice from your friend

  6. Thanks Lynn, the mandala is just perfect! I love it that is is a bit out of the box, so you!
    But all the other stuff is sooooo nice too.
    The beads, the process of how you made the hanger, the advice from your neighbour and the delicate card from Lynette with matching cute envelop.
    And please leave the table as it is! Is is just the most perfect sky I have seen, you will never get that while you intend to paint that, here it just formed perfectly by itself, just like in real.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  7. Soul, glad you like the header. That is painted by me table cloth fabric.

    Lisa your words warm my heart. I think your art is ever more as prolific as mine! We inspire each other I think.

    Cris, thanks for your faith in my inate artistic abilities. :-)

    Katie Jane, yes, it's headed to become a quilted art wall hanging.

    Mim, I am lucky to have this neighbor for so many many good reasons.

    Marianne, happy you like my mandala and out of the box style!
    I will not wash the table I promise. LOL
    Your atc mandala went into todays snail mail.

  8. Happy to hear the surgery went well.

    Love all the art you made. You really are a creative and creating machine! phew.


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