Sunday, October 11, 2009

A day of Music, Art, Kids.

We had a wonderful fun filled Saturday this week
hanging out at this Free Folk Festival.
Faith Petric is a 94 year old wonder. We first heard Faith sing folk music 31 years ago when we first started dating. She's an old timey folksinger from San Francisco. Here she is singing to a group of children and adults...and I was thrilled to be in her presence. She has more spunk and life in her than anyone I know.
DH attended many workshops throughout the day, and I went to hear Sea Shanties, Yiddish music, songs of the times about Women's Right To Choose, Health Care reform, etc.
and good old folk music! 31 years ago when I first met the man who would later become DH, we used to go to The Freight and Salvage and The Starry Plough in Berkeley to hear this group: Suzy and Eric Thompson. Suzie sings folk, Cajun music in a voice and on a fiddle that makes your heart sing. She is as good as she used to be and probably better with her continued music success over the years.
I made a video but have no faith can get it uploaded but will try. You can hear DH singing along with Suzy in the background.
We had the added joy of my daughter, SIL, and grand kids showing up for the show late in the afternoon. We had time to enjoy music with them, play outside in the playground there, and then went out to dinner.
My grand daughter liked looking at my zentangled cats, etc. in my sketchbook (that I just happened to have with me) and took to drawing her own. She drew this flower herself and filled it in zentangle style with no prompting from me. She is a quick study and has an uninhibited free hand while drawing. I was extremely impressed and I think you would have been too.
What happens to old zentangles of grandmas? They become coloring book pages. My grandson
really enjoyed this one and took it home to finish it, he said.
Earlier we were in the play ground and grandpa got into the act with his grand kids to all of our delights.
What a fun day it was. You can only begin to imagine how high I was and am from it all.


  1. Great photos of a fun filled day.
    What a treat to get to see the Grandkids again so soon. And of course the Art goes on. :))
    How fun to go see someone you saw years ago regularly and they are still playing. There was something for everyone it seems. Yes you should be floating for awhile. :))

  2. what a great day for the kids,and they are getting so big.

  3. I just love the folksy acoustic music. I would have enjoyed this day too. I can see that you all had a great time.

  4. What a fun, fun day! It had everything to love in it: music, art, and loved ones sharing it all with you!

  5. This looks like such a perfect day I had tears in my eyes!! Just perfect.

  6. This is coming from one who understands your bliss! I just posted about my day with my grandson! Such sweet happiness and joy!!!

  7. what a lovely day for sure. looks like everyone had fun. interesting folk singers, still singing after all these years. your granddaughter has such a sweet and soulful face.

  8. OMG - you're such a hippie! I love it. I used to go to hootenanny's - remember those? I loved the singing and the group dynamics.
    Great day.
    BTW - I thought those cactus from Monday were quilted - wouldn't that be interesting


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